Polynesians are renowned navigators and seafarers, with societies that stretch across more than a thousand islands in the South Pacific. What enabled them to cross these distances is their ingenious use of boats to link islands together. Similarly, the internet is an ocean filled with many different services for every imaginable function, and linking these services to your custom web app is sometimes overwhelming. This is where an app integration tool comes in handy. Think of these tools as boats that are designed to allow your web apps to cross the Internet ocean and link with different services like PayPal in ways that streamline workflows and enhance productivity.

One particularly useful app integration tool is Integromat. Integromat’s visual drag-and-drop interface is both efficient and also really easy to navigate. But the best thing about Integromat is its ability to integrate your Caspio custom web applications with other third-party services.  For example, you’ll be able to use Integromat to connect your Caspio-powered online database app with your Paypal account for easier tracking of payments and transactions. Another useful integration is with Google Contacts. When linked to your Caspio-powered web app, Integromat automatically adds a new row in your table whenever you add a new contact.

Here’s a quick guide on using Integromat to unleash the power of your web apps:

1. Connect your Caspio account with the Integromat app integration tool.

Make sure that your Caspio account is connected to your Integromat account (more detailed instructions can be found in this page).

2. Establish access rights and connections

There are a limitless number of ways Integromat will enhance your Caspio-powered web apps. All you have to do is carefully choose which apps are right for your organization’s requirements.

3. Set up your first scenario.

A scenario is an automation process where you define user triggers and actions in your web apps. You’ll be able to change this workflow using routers and aggregators within the platform for better results.

And you’re all set!

Curious to see how you’ll be able to use Caspio to build feature-rich web apps that streamline the workflow in your business? Schedule a demo today!

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