Remember what it felt like to learn how to drive? That sudden rush of excitement as you turn the ignition, rev the engine and pull out of the driveway and into the street? That thrilling sense of freedom you get when you first experience the open road? Learning to build web database apps is just as exhilarating, even if you have no application development experience!

That’s because the Caspio low-code platform puts the power to build powerful and sophisticated database apps in your hands. Whether it’s an online submission form, a customer relations management system or a product inventory platform, Caspio’s intuitive point-and-click tools and step-by-step wizard enable you to create your own application quickly and easily.

To help you get started, our resident Technical Evangelist Ned Pajić curated a video playlist that walks you through the entire process of developing your first application. Think of Ned as your friendly driving instructor who will teach you how to “take control of the wheel” yourself. Each video is no more than two minutes long and demonstrates how simple each process is.

Getting started building database apps is as simple as going through these 5 easy steps:

  1. Create an App Container
  2. Create a Table
  3. Build a Web Form
  4. Build a Searchable Report
  5. Deploy a DataPage

Once you become familiar with the basics, you’ll realize that you’re merely scratching the surface.  Check out our Online Help Center and other video tutorials to find out more about Caspio’s other robust features and capabilities. If you require more help in building your custom business application, Caspio’s very own Professional Services team are always ready to help.

Ready to foster agility, innovation and market responsiveness within your organization? Sign up for a free trial of Caspio’s enterprise-grade low-code development platform and unleash your inner application developer today!

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