Unique business processes are intellectual properties. In fact, they can be patented in many countries and therefore protected by copyright laws.

There are situations where a unique process is integral to your business. You could put it aside and use a standardized off-the-shelf software — one that your competitors and millions of other businesses use. It will be cheap but it will also wipe out your competitive advantage. Alternatively, you can implement your own unique process to reap the benefits of your intellectual property and gain an advantage over your competition.

Cost used to be a huge barrier in automating custom business processes. However, continued advancements in Low-Code Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) solutions make it possible for more unique ideas to get implemented quickly and at low cost.

The other challenge with custom applications is that they need constant enhancements and modifications to remain relevant. It requires specialized talent and is also expensive. This problem is handled by PaaS as modifying PaaS-based applications is fairly easy and straight forward. With leading-edge platforms such as Caspio, neither the creation of the application nor its upkeep requires advanced IT skills.

In a fast-paced global business environment, savvy leaders understand the importance of having an accelerated time to market without compromising quality, security, and budget. This is not possible if you are still relying on the tools and technologies of yesterday.

PaaS technologies have matured and are now part of the tool chest of every business. They provide immediate and measurable ROI while increasing security and reliability.

Caspio is the leading business productivity platform for creating cloud business applications fast and with low to no coding. It is a powerful tool with minimal investment that aids a faster delivery of applications to market.

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