2014 was certainly a transformative year for the cloud computing industry. Adoption of cloud related services has become almost ubiquitous among enterprises. And more importantly, the mindset on cloud computing from C-suite has shifted away from mere cost reductions to a more strategic position, propelling business professionals to rethink the way they leverage the cloud to improve work efficiency and productivity.

Dedicated to covering the latest trends in cloud computing and its impact on business, we discussed a number of hot topics and provided actionable Tech Tips over the past year on this blog – below is a shortlist of the most popular articles that we think you can’t afford to miss:

Publish-Microsoft-Access-OnlineThe Fastest Way to Publish Microsoft Access Online

As a traditional desktop software, Microsoft Access’ limitations for the web have made it fall out of favor for modern businesses. Watch this video and learn how to publish a MS Access database online in a matter of minutes.

Turn-Excel-Spreadsheets-into-Web-Apps4 Reasons Why You Should Turn Excel into Web Apps Now

Excel spreadsheets are EVERYWHERE in the business world. Despite the tool’s versatility, there are also considerable risks when using Excel. Here are four reasons to consider ditching your spreadsheets.

Create a Database-Driven Website Without ProgrammingCreate-Database-Driven-Website-without-Coding

Implementing a database-driven website not only enables you to manage data more efficiently, it also allows you to add smart data-driven capabilities. Find out how to make your website database-driven without coding.

As we move into 2015, we look forward to exploring more topics, trends, and provide action-oriented tips and advice at the cross-section of cloud computing and business innovation.

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