Have you ever experienced losing important files that you failed to back up? Maybe your laptop crashed right before you were able to save an important document, or maybe you accidentally dropped your smartphone before you could back up your contact list? Whatever the experience, the outcome is always the same — frustration, downtime and added expense. The takeaway is simple: always make sure to backup and verify your data.

Fortunately, Caspio automatically backs up all your data and applications at least once a day. Your data is then preserved up to a certain number of days depending on your Plan. What you’ll be excited to know is that it’s also possible to save your data in Microsoft Excel format, thanks to application integration with Zapier. With this feature, Caspio automatically pushes new database records into an Excel file that’s hosted on Microsoft Office 365.

Our Technical Evangelist Ned Pajić prepared a quick video that walks you through this simple process:

Remember that to use this capability, you’ll need to link your Caspio, Microsoft Office 365 and Zapier accounts together.

Zapier and Microsoft Excel integration through Office 365 is proof that Caspio’s low-code platform is flexible and adaptable enough to allow business developers to experiment and innovate faster. With minimal upfront investment, business developers save on production costs as they gain access to advanced capabilities and features as well as comprehensive resources to create powerful business applications that address their unique needs.

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