You may have heard that on the web, content is king. Savvy content producers are utilizing well-developed tools and platforms to monetize their content. Bloggers publish ad-supported content using WordPress or Google AdSense; podcasters leverage iTunes to increase subscribers; and photographers and designers can post their work on a number of digital marketplaces.

One type of content that is often overlooked as a source of monetization is structured data.

By definition, structured data is any data organized in columns and rows, usually text and numbers but could also can include files, images and videos. Structured data takes many forms ranging from lists, research, financials, databases of various kinds, and even user-generated content such as comments, reviews, survey results, etc.

Many businesses have built a successful operation based on structured data. Examples include companies that sell real estate transaction data, new business licenses, government data, or industry research.

As the leading online database provider, Caspio offers a number of capabilities to help owners of structured data market their assets to potential buyers. First, the Caspio platform makes it easy to gather, organize and manage data. Second, the technology provides many ways to make data accessible to your end users and even generate leads and traffic to your web properties.

Here are some of the most popular ways our customers monetize structured data using Caspio:

1. Subscription-Based Data Services – With this model, content owners can set up authenticated applications that only allow authorized subscribers to access or download data.

2. SEO Database Publishing – Because databases tend to be a dead end for most search engines, Caspio offers exclusive SEO Deployment technology to optimize structured data for search engines, which is very important for businesses that publish data to attract visitors to their website for job postings, real estate properties, business listings, etc.

3. Data Syndication – One of the most powerful capabilities of Caspio is that you can embed the same content on multiple sites simultaneously. Those in the business of distributing structured data on partners’ or customers’ websites find Caspio’s deployment model to be a huge competitive advantage. All end user interfaces, no matter where they are deployed, can be powered from the same data source and even filtered automatically based on site-specific criteria if desired.

4. Application Syndication – This concept takes the idea of data syndication and extends it to a complete application. App owners can distribute applications by replicating the original app and sharing it with other users so  they can further customize it if needed. Using Caspio’s DataHub feature, it’s also possible to automatically refresh the applications with new data as it is updated.

5. Monetize User-Generated Content – Caspio provides several tools to help you easily create custom applications that capture data from end users to be utilized in any of the above methods.
Structured data can be a steady source of revenue … if you know how to market it. Request a no-obligation consulting session with one of our data experts and find out the best ways to bring your vision to reality.

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