Build Your Own Digital
Asset Management System

Manage All Your Business Assets Securely in the Cloud

Create a Secure Digital Asset Management System

Store, organize, distribute and collaborate on digital assets with Caspio’s app development platform. Create IT asset management apps, document repositories, and more – all on a fully-extensible no-code platform.

Secure Online Asset Management

Ensure your files are visible only to intended users. Use Caspio’s record level security feature to password-protect every record. From infrastructure to platform architecture, Caspio enforces security at every layer.

Visual Application Builder

Create apps to streamline data organization, distribution and collaboration in the cloud. Caspio's point-and-click tools allow you to build a digital asset library that caters to your organization’s
unique requirements.

Flexible Deployment Online

Give your organization 24/7 access to your digital asset management system by deploying on any website, intranet, portal or CMS. Copy and paste Caspio’s deploy code to go live and migrate digital assets online.

Why Build a Digital Asset Management System Today

Businesses create new assets every day, but many find it difficult to store and manage them online. Here’s why you should build a digital asset management system using Caspio’s no-code platform.

A global survey found that the pandemic pushed businesses to prioritize their move to the cloud, with 40% of organizations currently accelerating their transition to cloud-based tools and services. This includes implementing cloud-based content storage systems and searching for robust online database solutions for their
dispersed workforce.

Implementing a hybrid or work-from-anywhere setup requires some form of remote access and cloud storage. Businesses need to succeed in digitizing asset management in a post-pandemic world.

A robust asset management system will help because it can streamline the storage, retrieval and use of critical digital assets. However, the application needs to be tailor-fit with the features and functions your business needs. The app must adjust to your processes, not the other way around.

The Caspio platform gives you access to best-in-class cloud technology and industry-leading data security. Most of all, Caspio provides a no-code development platform that’s fully extensible so you can build the exact application you need.

4 Benefits of Asset Management

Empower your organization to keep track and manage assets that keep your business going. Here are four reasons to use online asset management to improve your operations.

Keep Assets Running

Purchased assets are expected to generate revenue, so keeping them in top shape is a priority. IT assets, for example, are kept in good running condition through scheduled maintenance, regular checks and occasional software updates. An asset management app allows you to track all these tasks, giving you foresight into vital hardware repairs or replacements.

Streamlines Audits

Hybrid office arrangements, multiple business locations or widespread field service operations complicate asset auditing — a process that’s already long and exhausting even with a small inventory. A proper asset management app simplifies auditing by allowing multiple teams to update a single, centralized online database instead of numerous reports in varying formats.

Easy Asset Recovery

All the data related to an asset is logged in an asset management app. In the event that an asset is sent to the wrong department or location, tracking and identifying it becomes easier. Coupled with other technologies like barcode identification and GPS tracking, an asset management app allows faster recovery of misplaced hardware, saving you money for replacements.

Support for Decision-Makers

A robust asset management app provides decision-makers with a wide range of tools for financial forecasting and analysis. A comprehensive asset dashboard, for example, gives executives an overview of how the company’s assets are distributed, utilized and maintained. This helps business leaders identify areas to address
or optimize.

How to Build Digital Asset Management Apps in 3 Steps

Create a cloud-based digital asset manager using Caspio’s visual point-and-click interface. Transform legacy spreadsheets and paper-based processes into a scalable online database system with unlimited users.

Step 1: Set Up Your Database

Define your database structure from scratch with custom fields and table relationships.

Step 2: Create Secure Logins

Implement custom authentication for users, admins and other roles within
your organization.

Step 3: Build App Interfaces

Design and deploy multi-user web interfaces using Caspio’s visual application builder.

Popular Asset Management Use Cases

Digital asset management apps help businesses increase the overall efficiency, productivity and security of their registered assets. Here are examples of popular use cases across different industries.

IT Asset Management

Managing your organization’s IT infrastructure can be challenging without the right tools. Your IT staff ends up spending excess hours reconciling software and hardware inventory, determining which assets are still supported by their vendors and other administrative tasks better off automated. Implement a custom IT asset management system to optimize maintenance and distribution workflows for resource-strapped IT teams.

Media Asset Management

Want to manage your company’s rich media library from a centralized source? Create your own media asset management app to store and track high-volume video and multimedia files. Include features that consolidate asset views, user comments, ratings and other relevant details. You can even monitor the entire development lifecycle of a particular media asset with custom permission levels in every stage.

Financial Asset Management

Transform your financial services workflows with an investment management app that safeguards assets from inaccuracy, mishandling and errors. Create tools that generate insights for your asset managers to better facilitate segregated client accounts and achieve the best possible results. Include app features like dynamic calculations, pivot tables and record level security for a streamlined
central interface.

Enterprise Asset Management

Businesses tend to be asset intensive entities that go beyond IT, media and finance alone. Examples include manufacturing plants maintaining hundreds of machines and shipping companies that control their own transportation fleet. Developing an enterprise asset management system unique to your organization maximizes asset utilization, boosts maintenance activities and provides
effective oversight.

The Best Platform to Build Your Asset Management System

Ready to kickstart your digital asset management system? Caspio’s feature-rich platform empowers organizations to build a scalable, cloud-ready digital asset manager without needing to hire additional developers.



    Give unlimited end users access to your asset management app and collaborate with as many builders at no extra cost.



    Digitize your entire asset inventory in the cloud. Caspio is specially designed to handle
    usage spikes.



    Experience optimal response times, even when dealing with massive amounts of records and concurrent users.



    Replace your asset spreadsheets with sophisticated web interfaces using Caspio’s point-and-click app builder.



    Publish your digital asset management system on any website, intranet, portal or CMS — including SharePoint.



    Select from thousands of third-party services, plugins and apps that also include Microsoft’s product suite.



    Leverage enterprise-grade compliance to secure your assets and protect users at every layer.



    Design asset databases, build custom applications and more without having to
    write code.

Asset Management Apps You Can Start Building Now

With Caspio, the range of asset management workflows you can build is limited only by your imagination. Here are some popular components that comprise a fully-featured digital asset manager:

Admin Dashboards

Admin Dashboards

Build dynamic dashboards for managers and administrators to gain meaningful insights from a single page. Track consolidated status metrics, inventory count per location and other data points you want to monitor.

Centralized Asset Reports

Centralized Asset Reports

Create professional multi-user reports. Enforce record level security to ensure employees view only the assets assigned to them, while giving managers access to team assets and admins complete visibility of company-wide data.

Asset Registration Forms

Asset Registration Forms

Publish secure web forms for authorized users to seamlessly register company assets into your online database. Caspio also features automatic notifications via email and SMS triggered upon form submission.

Approval Workflows

Approval Workflows

Assign inventory items to designated users and maintain efficient processes. Customize how your business handles the movement of your assets with appropriate approvals from key members of your team. It’s also good practice to include notifications to prompt timely actions.

User Management

User Management

Allow your employees to update their own user profiles and managers to change employee roles. Ensure you implement a self-service user management feature to prevent manual manipulations in your
backend database.

Audit Reports

Audit Reports

Add a feature that tracks the history of each asset in your system. This promotes security and accountability for your asset management workflow and enables asset managers to gain insights for future repairs
or procurement.

Create a Digital Asset Management App Today

Want to learn how Caspio’s all-in-one platform can help you build powerful web apps in the cloud? Get free access to our 5-part video tutorial on how to create an IT asset management app.

In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to:

  • Build Your Online Database: Learn how to set up database tables and relate primary and foreign keys to create a solid foundation for your digital asset management system.

  • Set User Privileges: Create views to filter user roles from your online database and build secure login screens for your asset management
    web apps.

  • Create Custom Web Forms: Build various digital forms for updating user profiles, submitting new inventory, assigning items, changing details
    and more.

  • Design Admin Dashboards: Combine different charts, graphs and tables to gain high-level insights on key metrics relating to item status
    and location.

  • Generate Professional Reports: Learn how to build searchable reports complete with status fields flagged by different colors, links to expanded details and full history logs.

  • Deploy Anywhere Online: Discover how to embed your Caspio-powered asset management app to web pages within your intranet, company portal
    or CMS.

Create Your Digital Asset Manager Without Coding

What Our Customers Say

For over 20 years, we’ve been simplifying how tens of thousands of businesses worldwide manage and present data online. Find out why our customers love working with us and why we have 5-star ratings on Gartner and Capterra.

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Caspio is the best of everything — bang for the buck, sustainable, cloud-driven, the whole nine yards.
Paul Woolsey
Apps Manager
J-W Power Company
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Caspio provides all the customization we need, allowing us to build applications tailored to our requirements.
Alex Fenech
IT Manager
Security National Mortgage
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With Caspio, we built a secure, multi-user database app that reduced invoicing time from 13 weeks to two.
Simon Verdon
IT Manager

Your Digital Asset Management Questions Answered

How do I manage assets with an online database?

If you have records of your assets in spreadsheet format, import the file into Caspio’s online database as a first step. Creating your digital asset management system with Caspio allows you to collaborate with as many authorized users you need to seamlessly view, insert, update and delete records in your database via professional forms, reports and dashboards.

Can I create my own asset management system online?

Yes! Caspio’s all-in-one app builder provides all the tools you need to create your own digital asset management system. Simply follow along our development interface featuring step-by-step wizards to build database tables, user authentications and custom web apps to your exact requirements. Once done, deploy your asset management interfaces on any website, portal or intranet you control.

What software do I need for a custom asset management system?

Sign up for a free Caspio trial to begin rapid development of a digital asset manager. No installations required. Caspio works on any web browser and supports unlimited end users and app builders on a dynamically scalable cloud platform.

Do I need to know any programming languages when creating an online asset management database?

No. Caspio empowers business users to create fully-featured solutions, including an online asset management database, using point-and-click tools. Furthermore, tech-savvy users and experienced developers can extend their database apps with standards-based coding like HTML, CSS, JavaScript and SQL.

Does building my own asset management software increase visibility?

Yes! Building your own digital asset manager significantly improves the visibility of your business assets with searchable tools linking to real-time data. Provide custom permissions and interfaces to different roles and shape the overall user experience to best suit your needs.

What kinds of assets can I manage through an online database?

Caspio’s online database platform allows your business to track assets ranging from IT infrastructure to media content. Generate professional reports displaying item status, publish internal documents for easy access across multiple departments, customize your own barcode workflows to better manage inventory and so much more. The possibilities are endless.

Are all of my asset management applications free to build?

Sign up for Caspio’s free account to build simple asset management apps for unlimited users without any hidden fees. You get essential features to build databases, user authentications, a certain number of web interfaces and full deployment for production use. In the event your business requires more resources to scale, check out our pricing page for a detailed breakdown of our paid plans.

Ready to Get Started?

Build the asset management app you need for your business


Ready to Get Started?

Build the asset management app you need for your business