Caspio’s Cloud Database Gives Microsoft Access Users Easier Online Migration Than Office 2010

Caspio provides easy cloud solution for Access developers to bring databases online; new migration kit helps cut development time by 90%.

MOUNTAIN VIEW, California, May 18, 2010 — Caspio, Inc. (, the leading online database platform for creating web applications without programming, today announced the launch of its Access Migration Kit, which will provide a complete package of streamlined tools and services for developers to easily bring their Microsoft Access databases online.

With last week’s launch of Microsoft Office 2010, there is a lot of talk surrounding the new Office Web Apps, which allows users to stay connected to their Office applications on-the-go. However, Office 2010 does not provide the ability to easily create web-based apps using Microsoft Access because it requires a multi-step integration with a SharePoint server.

“Microsoft Office 2010 is an exciting release; however Access developers are still challenged to find a viable solution for web-centric data management,” said Caspio founder and CEO, Frank Zamani. “Caspio’s cloud platform provides what’s missing in Microsoft Access, allowing for easy online databases and web app creation.”

Fast and Seamless Online Database Migration

Caspio is designed to be completely intuitive for Access users, with built-in step-by-step wizards that eliminate the complexities of creating database-bound web forms, reports and apps, and guide the user through the app creation process from start to finish. The hosted service enables easy migration with the following:

  • Built-in import and export functions that can read and write Microsoft Access MDB format files.
  • The ability to publish imported data to any website, SharePoint and content management systems (CMS), hosted anywhere through reports or interactive searchable apps.
  • Point-and-click tools that allow for the application interface design to be completed without programming.
  • A SOAP-compatible API that allows developers to extend the capabilities of their online apps with any programming or scripting language, including ASP, ASP.Net, and VB.Net.
  • A highly-scalable online platform that supports up to two million records in each table and serves thousands of users simultaneously.
  • Enterprise-class security and reliability standards including SSL, SAS 70, PCI compliance, Section 508 accessibility, and TRUSTe certification.
  • Cost-effective service pricing that includes unlimited app users with all packages.

Caspio Plug-in for Microsoft Office

Additionally, Caspio offers a plug-in for Microsoft Access and Excel whereby customers can synchronize an offline copy of their data with their online database. The plug-in automatically downloads users’ Caspio-hosted data to their local desktop and keeps it refreshed, allowing them to use the Microsoft Office productivity suite to run local analysis on the data, mail merge or integrate with other applications.

Complimentary Migration Kit for Access Developers

To encourage Access developers to try Caspio for seamless online database migration, Caspio is offering an Access Migration Kit that includes a free trial of Caspio Bridge, unlimited data import, video tutorials, a whitepaper on Access migration, an upcoming instructional webinar, and a consultation with a database migration expert.

To receive your free Access Migration Kit including a 14-day trial, sign up here.

Caspio pioneered the Platform-as-a-Service industry in 2000 to empower tech-savvy business users to create web forms, reports and applications quickly and deploy them to any website, eliminating long development cycles and infrastructure investments. Today, the company powers over 300,000 web applications for Fortune 500 companies, government agencies, universities, and over 80 percent of the largest American newspaper websites.

About Caspio

Caspio, Inc. ( is the world’s leading on-demand do-it-yourself web application creation platform. The company’s philosophy is to empower business users to create and deploy web databases, forms, and applications easily and without programming. Caspio’s platform-as-a-service replaces coding with intuitive point-and-click wizards, enabling users to rapidly produce web database components for capturing, publishing, and managing data online. Caspio shrinks development time from weeks to hours, and from thousands of dollars to a small monthly fee. Caspio’s customers range from one-person entrepreneurs to Fortune-500 corporations, digital media giants, government agencies, and educational institutions.

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