Caspio Surpasses One Million Applications Built on Its Low-Code Platform

Enterprise-Wide Adoption of Low-Code Development by Non-Technical Business Users Fuels Growth and Application Diversity

SANTA CLARA, California, January 30, 2018Caspio, the leading low-code platform for online database applications, today announced that it recently exceeded one million customer applications built and deployed on its all-in-one cloud platform.

Analysis of Caspio customer usage data found that the number of low-code application developers holding non-technical job titles, known as “business developers,” increased by more than 500 percent as compared to three years earlier. The majority of the non-technical roles were in market-facing departments such as sales, marketing, field services and customer support.

In addition to strong growth in application deployments, Caspio also noted a surge in use case diversity fueled by non-technical developers building a greater range of business applications throughout the enterprise.

“Reaching this landmark milestone of one million deployed applications is a testimony to the accelerated market adoption of Caspio’s low-code platform by organizations of all sizes and industries around the world,” said Caspio CEO Frank Zamani. “Caspio’s founding vision was to enable and empower business professionals to build custom web applications on an easy-to-use platform that is trusted and endorsed by IT for enterprise compliance, security and scalability. As the market begins to fully recognize the power of the business developer, Caspio remains focused on providing the sophisticated capabilities our customers need to tackle the challenges of business transformation.”

Caspio’s customer usage data confirms key market trends recognized by a broad base of analyst firms. Today’s leading companies are laser-focused on increasing efficiency, streamlining processes and delivering superior customer experiences. To accomplish this, they are harnessing the talents of non-technical business developers across the enterprise to build their own applications in a self-service capacity, thereby empowering the person closest to the problem to solve the problem.

According to a Forrester Research report by Vice President and Principal Analyst John Rymer, “Low-code development platforms are a centerpiece tool in transforming application development and delivery for customer obsession. Why? They allow speedy creation and updates of digital customer experiences and their supporting operating processes.”1

The ability for low-code platforms to democratize application development outside of technical roles is a driving factor in making organizations more agile, market-responsive and customer-centric. A pioneer of the low-code category since 2000, Caspio is embraced by business developers for its ease of use, speed to market and enterprise-grade features. Using visual point-and-click tools, business developers can execute the entire application design, development and deployment process, allowing them to build custom applications up to 10 times faster than traditional development.

“Low-code is spreading because the need for new apps in general and process workflows in particular is so urgent. Decentralized purchasing authority and cheap, cloud-based self-service access make adoption easy for departments and teams…” according to a recent report published by Forrester.2

Caspio announces its one million applications milestone after a breakthrough year of key successes, including recognition by Forrester as a “Leader” in low-code development platforms for business developers, the opening of a new software development center in Krakow, Poland, and multiple product releases focusing on innovative data analysis, process automation and workflow capabilities.

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About Caspio

Caspio is the leading low-code development platform for online database applications, embraced by business professionals for its ease of use and trusted by IT professionals for its security, compliance and scalability. Thousands of customers rely on Caspio to make their organization more agile and customer-centric — freeing themselves from complex programming tasks and long project backlogs. The all-in-one platform provides everything needed to capture data, share information and automate business processes. The combination of a powerful online database, rapid application development tools and scalable cloud infrastructure reduces cost and time to market by up to a factor of 10. Caspio powers more than 1 million applications for businesses of all sizes in over 100 countries, ranging from global corporations and government agencies to universities, nonprofits and small businesses.

1 John R. Rymer. “Use A Light Touch To Govern Low-Code Development Platforms”. Forrester, February 13, 2017.
2 John R. Rymer. “Low-Code Is Spreading Throughout The Enterprise.” Forrester, December 21, 2017.

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