Caspio Synchronizes Interdepartmental Workflows

Case Study Synopsis

Customer S&S Worldwide
Industry Industrial Goods and Services
Challenge Build a globally accessible company portal to synchronize multi-location workflows
Why Caspio
  • Streamlines complex interdepartmental and multi-location workflows
  • Consolidates data sources into an online database management system
  • Enables users to build dynamic application interfaces without coding


My name is Paola Deininger. I’m an application specialist at S&S Worldwide, and we build roller coasters around the world.

Bridging Different Spreadsheets, Databases

When I started working at S&S, everything was on spreadsheets or in individual databases that were not tied together. The Caspio platform has allowed us to bridge all those databases and create one master form to be able to pull information from different tables and get those dynamic views that we were looking for before that we didn’t have.


Because of the industry, roller coasters are highly regulated, and we must make sure that all our rides meet the standards. And if anything stops working or isn’t functioning as designed or we have an incident, then we need to respond quickly.

Creating a Company Portal, No Coding Required

We use Caspio as our company portal.


We use it for mostly internal database management within the company, more so for workflows and to be able to track and maintain all of the changes that are being processed by the company.


Because the Caspio cloud database is easy to work with and doesn’t require a lot of scripting, it is easier for us to create such dynamic DataPages without too much coding in the background.


Caspio has allowed us to move everything digitally.


We’re able to load our forms right in the Caspio platform. All our data is there and have digital sign-offs, which has improved our workflow dramatically.

Reliable, Round-The-Clock Support

I honestly can’t say enough about the Caspio Support Team. They have gotten me through some huge hurdles on my end. I have zero experience in coding or any IT experience at all. This is the first IT job I’ve ever had.


Coming into Caspio was very scary for me, but they’ve helped me along the way and really helped me fine-tune our app to function in ways that I never imagined it could.

Caspio Streamlined, Improved Our Business

I find that I’m getting requests daily right now to expand our database and allow for more information to be stored within Caspio. So, we are finding that we’re growing our database very quickly.


Before, we would only be able to build a limited number of rides because it took so long to engineer everything.


Now that Caspio has taken our business up a level and streamlined our systems, we’re actually able to design and move through the process of engineering a ride much faster, which in result, turns into more rides sold each year.

Build Feature-Rich Database Applications Without Coding

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