Caspio Solves Secure Online Data Access for IT Services

Case Study Synopsis

Customer Chemily Information Management
Industry Business Services / IT
Challenge Set up a secure online database with user access restrictions
Why Caspio
  • Allows user authentication for secure online database access
  • Empowers users to quickly build databases with minimal training
  • Enables easy integration of different systems under one platform


My name is Veronica Vela, I work with Chemily Information Management Company, and my title is controller.


Chemily Information Management Company is a service that manages other companies, specifically in oil and gas accounting. My role is to help manage and streamline processes using technology, and I’ve been able to use Caspio to do that.


Enabling Users to Safely Access Information Online

The biggest challenge that we faced is enabling users to get their data online, having a safe way to get it, and allowing only that specific user to have it. The User Authentication feature in Caspio allowed us to do that.


We’ve used other programs but when the Caspio database was introduced to me, I realized how easy it was to use. It was actually similar to other databases, and that actually allowed me to use it really, really fast. I didn’t have to train or do anything other than just adapt to the program.


Caspio is fully integrated in our website. We have thousands of users that can view their utility bill and they’re authenticated by Caspio. So, nobody is able to get into or access their information.

Solving Problems Fast Through Chat

The Caspio Support Team is readily available. I love them! I’ve been able to ask for help on chat and I get my answers right away without having to wait. It’s really great to know that I have answers at my hands.


The best thing about Caspio I would think is the ease of use, low-code or no-code.

Moving Data from Excel to Caspio Is Easy

One of my favorite things is, I’m pretty familiar with Excel because of its easiness, too. We’ll use Excel and just export the data instead of double-doing the work. It’s just all imported from Excel into Caspio. It allows us to integrate all our systems into one.

Build Feature-Rich Database Applications Without Coding

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