Caspio Powers Apps for Energy Procurement Company

Customer EZ Electricity
Industry Energy & Utilities
Challenge Create database applications to help establish an online presence for multiple users
Why Caspio
  • Allows users to simultaneously access data
  • Reduces IT costs for small companies
  • Gives users the ability to design and develop their own pages


My name is Mike Brasovan. I’m the president of EZ Electricity.


EZ Electricity is a procurement service for everybody from residential to small commercial and even up to large industrial customers.


We help them procure electricity and natural gas. The EZ brand is specifically for our residential and small commercial customers.

Small Company, Big Database Needs

The great thing about a small company is that my role spans a wide variety of things.


A lot of that includes setting up Caspio for our company. I’ve located the system and uploaded our initial database to it and have been developing in it ever since.


We had a lot of issues with multiple users needing to access the data at the same time, and we were looking for a solution to that.


We also wanted something that could help us build out an online presence for our customers, as well as incorporate the online signup for new customers.

Reduced IT Costs With a Low-Code Platform

We’ve started off a very small company with very little capital.


We’ve been able to take that system and apply it to grow a company over the past nine or 10 months to put us online. It gave us the ability to manage and present our customer information online, without having to pay somebody else to come in and really do any coding for us.


We saved the cost of having an IT professional come in and spend one or two hours a month just maintaining your server let alone providing you with any capabilities on that server.


Caspio gives you the ability to not have to worry about the server in the first place and then also the ability to go in and design and develop your own web pages and database-driven applications.

Caspio Gives You More Control

My favorite thing about Caspio is that it works.


We’re able to go in and again quickly make changes that we need to make to our data pages, to our data model. We can get that up in production very quickly without having to worry about outsourcing that and getting these planned and working into somebody else’s workflow.


It gives us more control. And for a control freak like me, that’s a good thing.

Build Feature-Rich Database Applications Without Coding

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