Caspio Online Database Simplifies Website Improvement

Case Study Synopsis

Customer ISU Insurance Agency Network
Industry Insurance
Challenge Integrate an online database and migrate to a new website within a tight, non-negotiable deadline
Why Caspio
  • Enables users with no coding experience to rapidly build web solutions
  • Provides an easy-to-use platform for online database migration, integration
  • Offers expert guidance through a dedicated support team


My name is Javier Hernandez. I’m the vice president of operations for ISU Insurance Services of San Francisco. We have about 200 companies across the United States, with about 10,000 employees or so.

Facing Tight Deadline for Website Data Migration

The big challenge was moving from our old website to a new one and trying to integrate the Caspio platform in-between.


It was a little bit challenging because we had a really big deadline. It came from our management team saying, “Well, we have to move to the new website because our old one isn’t really an option anymore.” We were told the old website was going to be shut down. It didn’t matter how much we begged for time; there wasn’t going to be any more of it.


We had to find the best solution as fast as possible. We couldn’t afford to say, “Okay, let’s try these five different online databases, and let’s see which one works.”

Caspio Integration Wins Over Managers, Users

We had to do a lot of research and pick the best possible platform that could help us out. We went with Caspio and I’m so glad that we did.


Once we started moving and integrating to the new website, it was one of the things that actually worked. When Caspio came in with easy-to-use features and required only a little coding, it was such a blessing. It was one of the things that we didn’t worry too much about. We built it, we put it in place.


As time went by, we have polished the system. It looks a lot cleaner and performs better. The management team and the end users are very pleased with this development.

Knowledgeable, Reliable Customer Support

The Caspio Support Team has a level of knowledge that I wouldn’t expect from some other customer services.


Just the other day, I was looking at one of my DataPages, and I was clicking on a link. No matter how much I worked on it, it kept giving me an error because it had an ampersand. So, the solution was to write a script. However, I would never have thought about building a script. I wouldn’t even have known how to build a script.


So, I went to Customer Support.


They built it for me in a minute. We worked on it for three minutes until it actually worked.


The customer service representative was like, “Oh, look at that! We solved it!” So, I told him, “We? You did. I was just punching the code that you were giving me on the table.”

Recommended Modern Low-Code Solution

Nowadays, you really need to have an online platform to express everything that’s going on with your business. Caspio does a little bit of everything, and we now use it for a little bit of everything.


I would recommend Caspio to anyone trying to find a modern solution that’s easy to understand. You don’t need particular coding background or anything like that.


As far as performance and support, Caspio is definitely my recommendation.

Build Feature-Rich Database Applications Without Coding

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