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Customer Curiosity Learning
Industry Education
Challenge Build a database application to properly allocate teaching resources
Why Caspio


I’m John Gordon-Reid. I’m the CEO of Curiosity Learning.


We’re a very small company and we’re all based around connecting knowledge together and joining information up so that people can actually pick the bigger picture out of the world around them.

Building a Knowledge Platform That Works

And to do that we’ve developed a platform based around working particularly with 9- to 14-year-olds.


We are helping them to experience choice in their learning journey rather than being told, as is so often the case in schools, what they need to know and when they should learn it.


Curiosity is based on a child choosing a journey, and within that journey, undertaking challenges, and the challenges all being supported by teacher resources.

Choosing Online Database Over Paper-Based System

So that no matter whether they’re choosing the inventions of Al-Jazari from 1,000 years ago or whether they’re talking about the problems of climate change in the modern day, there’s something there to support the teacher in their knowledge.


Originally it was going to be paper-based. But we realized very quickly that it would be a completely unmanageable system.


I spent probably two or three days, browsing websites and looking at possibilities and making initial contacts. A quick trawl through the internet, produced Caspio who fortunately came up very high on the Google rankings.

Caspio: Best Way Forward for the Business

After discussions with Caspio, it became very obvious very quickly that first of all, they could help, and secondly, that it was undoubtedly the best way forward for the business.


It’s been utterly invaluable, the amount of input that Caspio have had. It’s all been given very willingly and in a friendly and understanding way for my inadequacies as a person with an idea but no knowledge.


And the friendly response, it’s very difficult as a small, new company to phone up and talk to somebody in a company that is many, many times your size.


I was amazed how much can be done in a one-hour phone call, spent a lot of time discussing our application, which of course in those days was really, you know, totally conceptual; there was nothing created.


Response has been terrific, absolutely astonishing that so much care and attention can be given to, as I said, somebody as small as us.


The thought that’s gone into mapping this journey in a digital format is fantastic.

No Hesitation in Recommending Caspio

What really appealed about Caspio was the fact that they weren’t looking for a huge amount to undertake the project.


It was a step-by-step process.


It was a process where we could start at a very modest investment and develop from there if we chose. I think that’s been very helpful for us for cash flow, for planning, for our capital outlay as well.


In terms of the overall cost, if we had eventually produced this on paper, I suspect we would have probably spent, not much less than we’ve spent developing a useful digital application.


I have no hesitation at all in recommending Caspio.

Build Feature-Rich Database Applications Without Coding

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