Caspio Onsite Training

The Fastest Way to Learn Caspio

Caspio now offers a 2-day instructor-led training program near our office in Silicon Valley, California.

This immersive, hands-on classroom training program covers all the fundamentals of how to build applications in Caspio to get you up and running quickly.

  • Insightful lectures and demonstrations introduce you to the power and capabilities of the Caspio platform.
  • Individual and group exercises help you gain the knowledge and skill to build your own applications from scratch.
  • A collaborative environment fosters discussion and dialogue with other participants.


Introduction to Caspio Bridge

  • Caspio Bridge tour and overview
  • Initial demonstration of importing data, web form and report creation and deployment

Best Practices in Application Design and Planning

  • Golden rules of application building
  • Create an initial design plan for training application

Creating Tables and Database Relationships

  • Discussion and definition of common database concepts
  • Implementation of concepts to example application

How to Move Data into Caspio Tables

  • Review of the different options for bringing data into Caspio; including import, scheduled tasks and API
  • Demonstration of best practices on importing data

Restricting Access to Data and Defining User Permissions

  • Overview of defining and implementing user roles and permissions
  • Creation of authentication objects and application to Caspio DataPages
  • Definition and demonstration of Record Level Security

Configuring Caspio Web Forms

  • Review of different web forms available
  • Live build and implementation of the different forms
  • Review of common DataPage form elements and options
  • Implementation of conditional forms rules and automatic emails

Creating Reports and Data Visualizations

  • Overview of different report DataPages available
  • Implementation of different logic and criteria options to filter reports
  • Demonstration of calculations, aggregations and charting options for data

Connecting DataPages and Data Using Parameters

  • Overview and definition of parameters
  • Demonstration of passing and receiving parameters in DataPages
  • Implementation of parameters and multi-DataPage deployment

Configuring the Look and Feel of DataPages

  • Tour of the styles and localization interface
  • Review of common customizations
  • Implementation of Caspio responsive coding to demonstrate mobile friendly DataPages

Taking Applications to the Next Level

  • High-level overview of advanced features including conditional formula fields, SQL select statements in calculated fields and table based triggered actions
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