Caspio for Non-Profit and NGOs

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Helping You Do More with Your Funds

Non-profits and NGOs, ranging from small foundations and local charities to large non-profits and the United Nations’ agencies, have come to see Caspio as a powerful cost-saving tool that allows them to redirect more of their resources from internal processes and operational expenses to their primary mission.

We have extensive experience working with non-profits within the United States and globally. We understand your financial constraints and lack of extensive IT resources. The ease of use of Caspio and its flexibility for all types of data management and online database applications makes it the ideal platform for streamlining processes, data gathering, information distribution, membership and volunteer management, and more.

Discount for Registered Non-Profits and NGOs

We are proud to offer a 10% discount on our monthly service fees for non-profits and NGOs that have received an official not-for-profit status from their government.

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