Caspio Announces Thailand’s KP Technology Management Has Joined Its Partner Program

Partnership Aims to Support Developers and Businesses of All Sizes Across Southeast Asia

SUNNYVALE, California, April 11, 2022Caspio, the leading platform for building enterprise cloud applications without coding, today announced that KP Technology Management Co., Ltd. of Thailand has joined its Solutions Partner Program.

Pusit Ketmayoon, managing director of KP Technology Management, said the company adopted Caspio as a software development tool in 2015 and is now being used in various business sectors across the Southeast Asian country.

In 2022, KP Technology Management is joining Caspio’s Partner Program to serve and support more users and developers in Southeast Asia.

Developers they want to help fall mainly into three groups:

  1. Corporate customers who want to build a team of internal developers (citizen developers) from existing staff who do not have programming knowledge, to complete the internal solutions that meet their business-specific requirements. Caspio also provides enterprise-grade features such as Apps Integration, REST API, FileStor CDN, IP-Based Access, Public ID Services, Single Sign-On, Security Governance, Encryption in Transit and at Rest, Audit Trail, 2nd Layer Encryption, and Compliances such as GDPR, PCI and HIPAA, to ensure the smooth and complete transition of solutions.

  2. Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) that require more flexibility. Often, SMEs find their current or ready-made software does not deliver results to their expectations. With Caspio, SMEs can choose to develop only the areas that are urgently needed and then gradually expand until they cover every workflow in the organization — without needing technical specialists with programming knowledge. Caspio also provides seamless integration between the current application and the Caspio-made application, ensuring there is no issue with the continuity of any task. The new independent app can be deployed anywhere for further flexibility.

  3. New developers (tech entrepreneurs) without computer programming experience. If they come up with great ideas, see the demand in the market and want to create a solution (Software-as-a-Service) for the end-user customer, Caspio is a great option. Caspio provides a pricing structure that does not limit the number of users and allows tech entrepreneurs to enter the market in a short time with its no-code/low-code capability. If you are not a trained programmer but want to develop apps and have your own software business, Caspio is the answer.

Ketmayoon also emphasized that in addition to educating everyone to produce software by using the Caspio platform, the company will also set up the regional Caspio Community and Marketplace for the public in the near future.

Nik Sanghvi, VP of Alliances and Business Development at Caspio, said: “We’re excited to expand our partnership with KP Technology Management, which has tried and tested our platform as a Caspio customer for many years now. This partnership will empower more citizen developers and businesses of all sizes in Thailand and across Southeast Asia to build critical cloud applications or come after new market opportunities in the fast-growing region.”


About Caspio

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About KP Technology Management

KP Technology Management is a technology company providing solutions to small and medium enterprises. Besides developing software and other business solutions to meet our customers’ requirements, we have also developed many marketplace platforms for e-commerce, e-learning, OTT services and service marketplace. For more information, visit


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