Video Synopsis


  • Paola Deininger, Applications Specialist, S&S Worldwide
  • David Emerson, Founder & CEO, SiteRocket Labs
  • Natalie Higgins, Owner/Director, Raise Learning
  • Alex Fenech, I.T. Support Manager, Security National Mortgage
  • Gina Wilson, Director of Allocations & Partnerships, Seeds of Hope
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  • Paul Woolsey, Application Manager, J-W Power Company



Internal Database Management

Paola Deininger – We use Caspio as our company portal. So we use it for mostly internal database management within the company. We’re actually able to design and move through the process of engineering, a ride much faster, which in result, turns into more rides sold each year.


Security & HIPAA Compliance

David Emerson – Security is always a major concern for our clients. Caspio has a HIPAA-compliant edition that I knew would be great for this purpose. And sure enough, it was, we worked on this project using Caspio in literally 40% of the time that it would’ve taken to work on the same project using conventional software development tools. It’s amazing to see it take shape, the client was thrilled, and that was pretty remarkable for us.


Content Sharing

Natalie Higgins – Raise Learning created a product called Lift. Lift is an early childhood management service to share information and data about all the activities in their early childhood service. So that could be observations of children, photographs for families, reporting, and it’s sharing it in a collaborative way. So we’ve got thousands of users now that are using Caspio and that has been quite seamless. Would I recommend Caspio? Absolutely.



Alex Fenech – Our marketing went from yanking invoices from however many applications or vendors they were using, to one. We used Caspio to be able to go and bring all the files together, and then they just clicked a button which put out a tabular report, that would get submitted to corporate. And it made everything so much simpler by being able to do that.



Gina Wilson – The application that I’m building will be for my use as a scholarship organization. So I’ll be able to see that family’s data, see the disparity from the actual cost to educate that child and then I can scholarship that family to help make up the difference. Caspio is going to allow me to customize my solutions and my applications to my users’ needs. And that’s incredibly important.


Realtime Reporting

Paul Woolsey – Previously, it was very, very difficult to account for all of our AFEs in our expenditures in any real global way, because we didn’t have a centralized reporting database that kept track of these expenditures. So now, being able to tie all that together through a centralized application through Caspio gives you a better metric and better view of your expenditures in a real-time capacity. As far as recommending Caspio to others, peers, and colleagues, I could not recommend it enough. Caspio for us was a no-brainer.

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