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Build a Customized Education Database Software

No Coding Required

Creating a Custom Education Platform

We are proud to serve some of the most prestigious universities, school districts, charter schools and private educational entities. Caspio’s ability to scale operations at a low cost is hard to miss.

Traditional coding methods are slow and expensive, and are no longer necessary in process automation, web-based data management for business operations and converting paper forms into database-driven
electronic forms.

Caspio is the perfect platform for rapid application development. It requires no coding and development skills to get started, and as a result, allows the professionals closest to the problem to build their own solutions. It has everything you need to go from an idea to the finished product. As a hosted solution, it requires no internal IT to manage and operate the
database apps.

Caspio serves educational institutions at all levels, from charter schools and K-12 school districts to private colleges and prestigious universities, allowing them to securely store and manage personally identifiable information. Caspio complies with The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) and protects the privacy of student education records.

For research institutions, the Caspio HIPAA-Compliant Edition meets the requirements for working with protected health information. We also have Business Associate Agreements (BAA) with a growing list of educational institutions.

FERPA-Compliant Apps That Meet Your Exact Needs

Building FERPA compliance into a custom software solution can be difficult and costly. But with Caspio, you get a no-code platform to build all your custom apps with FERPA compliance built-in. FERPA stands for the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act. It is a federal law that affords parents and students the right to have access to education records, seek to have records updated, and the right to control the disclosure of that information to third parties. Educational institutions including schools, school districts and state education agencies must comply with FERPA to avoid penalties like the withdrawal of U.S. Department of Education funds from the agency
in question. Whether you are building a student database, registration portal or a custom survey, our leading no-code online database platform empowers you to create the apps you need while ensuring full
FERPA compliance.

Why Build Your FERPA-Compliant App With Caspio

Academic institutions are turning to the cloud to meet the evolving needs of the education sector. Caspio provides the flexibility and security that schools need to efficiently manage student data online.

Get the Exact App You Need, Without the IT Overhead

Caspio enables the people closest to the problem to solve it. Caspio’s no-code platform empowers you to build the software and functionality you need, without waiting on outside developers or IT experts.


School Administrators

Build a customized app to digitize and streamline form submission and database functionality.


Create grading apps and other classroom software without waiting for the IT department to do it for you.

Admissions Professionals

Streamline your admissions process with customizable applications featuring a wide range of functionality.


Gather the data and feedback you need while providing access to student resources and documents.

Build Your Customized Education Software in the Cloud

With Caspio’s no-code platform, you can build an array of customized education apps that address your institution’s unique needs. Here are some app ideas to help you get started.

Caspio in the Classroom

Use Caspio’s no-code development platform as a learning tool to teach database design, application architecture, implementation and deployment.

The Caspio Academic Program is free for educational entities, instructors and students, and is currently being used by leading universities and colleges around the world.

Improve Software Efficiency, Quality and Security

You no longer need to be bound by the limitations of your current legacy software. Caspio’s no-code platform empowers you to evolve your educational software solutions while improving efficiency, quality and security
in the process.

Evolve Your Education Software With Modern Technology

In today’s digital age, every moment you spend using legacy technologies creates greater challenges to overcome. Caspio empowers you to do more. Start digitizing your operational processes now without coding.

  • Build customizable forms and databases
  • Process transactions via secure gateways
  • Streamline scheduling and automatic reminders
  • Implement workflow automation
  • Maintain your apps with minimal support
  • Securely gather and store data in the cloud
  • Generate insights from data visualizations
  • Produce accurate and professional reports
See how Caspio can help transform your institutional operations.
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Success Stories

For over 20 years, Caspio has been modernizing and simplifying the way educational institutions capture, manage and share data online. See why we're a trusted name in no-code, and why we have 5-star ratings on Gartner and Capterra.

Caspio has empowered me to work on my own, without having to bother or rely on our IT department.
Kimberly Head
Kimberly Head
Collin College
With Caspio, you get powerful features right out of the box. It made a lot of processes in our office more efficient.
Floris van der Leest
Floris van der Leest
Senior Systems Analyst
Caspio gave us independence from having to find a programmer or a coder. It's a secure and cost-effective platform.
Cristina Gonzalez Alcala
Cristina Gonzalez Alcala
Research Associate
Summit Education Initiative