Streamline Education Delivery With Low-Code

Secure Data Management for Academic Institutions

We are proud to serve some of the most prestigious universities, school districts, charter schools and private educational entities. Caspio’s ability to streamline operations at a low cost is hard to miss.

Traditional coding methods are slow and expensive, and these outdated methods are no longer necessary in process automation, web-based data management for business operations, research and converting paper forms into database-driven electronic forms.

Caspio is the perfect platform for fast application development. It requires no coding and development skills, and as a result, allows those professionals closest to the problem to be involved in building solutions. It has everything needed to go from an idea to the

finished product. And as a hosted solution, it requires no internal IT to manage and operate the database apps. Caspio meets or exceeds the security and reliability standards required to store and manage personally identifiable information.

For research institutions, the Caspio HIPAA-compliant edition meets the requirements for working with protected health information. We also have Business Associate Agreements (BAA) with a growing list of educational institutions.

Caspio in the Classroom

Use Caspio’s low-code development platform as a learning tool to teach database design, application architecture, implementation and deployment. The Caspio Academic Program is free for educational entities, instructors and students, and is currently being used by leading universities and colleges around the world.

Transform Your Organization With Caspio

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