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The Easiest Way to Publish Databases to Your Website

Structured Data, the Other Type of Content

A simple and powerful web database platform is an essential tool for any successful professional or organization.

Content Management Systems, website builders, and blog software focuses on unstructured data, such as paragraphs of text. Structured data, such as databases and tables, is not their strength. Caspio is the solution to this shortcoming.  It is a powerful and scalable platform for database applications, and can help you publish your data on virtually any website.

The Gold Standard in Data Publishing

Your data will come to life with Caspio. With just a few clicks, you can import any data into Caspio. You can even schedule regular data imports from any of the mainstream cloud storage services.

Each table can have millions of records, files and images and even double-byte international characters. Our database, which is built on Microsoft SQL Server, is accessible through an easy-to-use web interface.

Once your data has been uploaded into Caspio, it will take just a few minutes to create a web interface. For example you can create a three-screen widget to let your users do ad-hoc searches, see their search results and even drill down to specific records. Many capabilities can be enabled or disabled to achieve the exact behavior that you are looking for.

You can also use password protection, data visualization with charts and calendars, and data plotting on Google maps to make your databases more useful and engaging.

Over 80% of America’s largest newspaper websites use Caspio to publish local, state, and federal public records databases in the form of interactive web-based applications for their readers. They have chosen Caspio because of its ease of use and capabilities.

Maintain Your Brand Integrity

With our advanced application embedding technology, you can place your Caspio-powered DataPages (i.e. forms, reports and applications) on your own websites. Your users don’t have to leave your website in order to access your databases, and the presentation of the data can be consistent with your styling standards and branding.

Everything You Need: Right Now, and for the Future

Caspio’s cloud database platform gives you all the tools you’ll need now and for your future projects.

  • Unlimited Deployment and Data Syndication – Caspio-powered apps can be deployed on as many websites as you would like, making it easy to syndicate data across a large number of websites.
  • Localization and Cultures Caspio includes many built-in languages for your applications, including English (US and UK), Spanish, French, German, Dutch, Chinese, Russian, and more. Other languages can be added with ease. Your apps can use whatever time zone or format for dates, currency, and numbers you need. Caspio also supports all non-English characters, including double-byte characters.
  • Enormous Scale Our infrastructure is on Amazon Web Services and scales automatically to handle any amount of usage.
  • Complete Platform – Caspio is the complete platform for creating database-driven applications without requiring an IT team, programming skills, or infrastructure investment. Businesses of all sizes, across all industries, use Caspio to streamline their data management and critical data-driven processes.

Getting Started

Request a no-obligation project consultation below, or open a free trial to try Caspio for yourself.