Caspio for Consultants

Extend Value-Added Services to Clients
With Digital Solutions

Build Solutions in a Fraction of the Time

As a consultant your time is best spent working with clients, building relationships, solving problems and serving your client’s needs. With Caspio as the platform for creating solutions, more of your time can go to high value activities.

Caspio is an ultra-fast application development platform. By providing the entire stack, from the database, to the visual application builder, to the application engine, everything you need to create and operate applications is provided in one seamlessly integrated solution.
By eliminating the need for coding, you don’t need expensive development. Your business analysts can create database applications quickly with far better results, as they understand the problem and know the solution better than anyone else.

Tools and Services for Consultants

Caspio makes it easy to create working prototypes of applications, and to improve them incrementally to meet your client’s requirements and deploy them for production. These web apps can easily be replicated for multiple clients.


The State of Custom Business Apps


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