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Caspio Synchronizes Internal Workflows for Theme Park

Case Study Synopsis

Customer Universal Orlando Resort
Industry Entertainment
Challenge Identify and document steps of their workflow process
Why Caspio
  • Offers a flexible platform that can be fine-tuned to meet specific needs
  • Allows companies to build apps for tracking and optimizing workflows
  • Provides “amazing” customer care and collaboration


I am a marketing professional. I’ve been with my company for almost 20 years doing project management or some kind of creative execution.

Improving Workflow Processes With Low-Code

Before we integrated Caspio into our workflow, we had challenges being able to document and identify steps of our workflow process and it was very burdensome.


With paper and filing and no real tracking or transparency of where things were moving through the process.

We really did not have the best visibility into what we were working and what type of data and information was coming through to help manage what our workflow was and the volumes and peaks and valleys.

Fine-Tuning Every Step Is Easy With Caspio

Once we started implementing Caspio and looking at our database solution, we were immediately able to see progress in not only how our work was going through the steps but able to even fine-tune what those steps were.


There was full transparency in where things were moving from step to step.

It also allowed us to have that digital contact with everything and the touchpoints with multiple people who needed access to the same information.

Flexibility to Create Business Management Solutions

When going through the process of building our database and our workflow solution with Caspio, we started out with some diagrams of a few things and it was pretty basic.


What was nice was as we tested elements and were able to get feedback from other departments and teams that we work and collaborate with, we were able to continue and fine tune and continue to optimize the system to add elements and/or improve some of the flexibility so that we could meet everyone’s needs.

Integrating our tracker system, which is the Caspio product, is probably one of the true game-changing things that they’ve seen as positive progress in the business management change we’ve been doing in our company.

Caspio Is a Simple, Brilliant Solution

I would definitely recommend Caspio because it’s flexible and you can really design it to meet any need. It’s just a simple and easy and brilliant solution.


Additionally, the customer care and the assistance and collaboration that we get from the team is amazing, so it allows you to not only hit your vision but think of things that you might not have considered before to meet your business goals.


There are probably very few times that I would think that a product or a solution could come your way and really be a game-changer in what you’re doing. We were both lucky and super appreciative to work with Caspio and to realize the bounty of the success that you can have with it.

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