Caspio Simplifies and Accelerates Real-Time Workflow

Case Study Synopsis

Customer Allison & Thompson Insurance
Industry Insurance
Challenge Needed a workflow management system with real-time updates and reports
Why Caspio
  • Automates and streamlines real-time workflow management
  • Offers the benefits of traditional desktop-based databases
  • Provides real-time support from project development to app launch


My name is Tim Thompson. I’m with Allison and Thompson. I’m the president of the company. We are a retail-insurance agency. We are about 95% commercial, 5% personal lines.

Managing Workflows While Carrying out Other Tasks

You name it, I do it.


I wear every hat imaginable, from selling, to running the agency, to serving as the IT guy, as well as overseeing the accounting side of it. We’re a small company.


The very difficult part in our industry is managing the workflow so that in real-time, we know exactly where we’re at. It’s sending out updates if things are coming due or overdue. We should know what’s going on and make sure nothing falls through the cracks.

Simplicity, Affordability and Real-Time Reports

The best thing about the Caspio online database is its simplicity.


While it can be simple to learn to use, it is extremely powerful. I like the simple user interface using colors and graphs that you can just look at and you know the information. We know we’re going to have that capability.


It is very inexpensive compared to our agency management system.


Everything we do in the agency management system is kind of a workaround, including coming up with KPIs and measuring them. When we finished this project at Caspio, we didn’t have to do workarounds. It does it for us and it will be real-time.

Get Caspio Support to Help You Do What You Can’t

The other nice part is the support that Caspio can provide.


When I cannot perform a function or don’t have time to learn it, I have people I can fall back on and they can support me. If I actually want them to do some of the development, they can do that.


All the things that I used in my prior desktop-based database development, I can also do all that in the Caspio web platform, but a lot simpler. I’m not learning a language to create what I want to do.

Flexibility and Power That Simplifies Your Life

Basically, the Caspio platform does the vast majority of it for you. Caspio decreases the amount of time that you need to put into it but still gives you all that flexibility and power that simplifies your life.


If you wear a lot of other hats, Caspio is an application that makes a lot of sense.

Build Feature-Rich Database Applications Without Coding

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