Caspio Satisfies Custom App Requirements with Ease

Case Study Synopsis

Customer Seeds of Hope
Industry Nonprofit / Education
Challenge Create a custom web application that calculates scholarship grants
Why Caspio
  • Enables users to custom-build applications based on their unique requirements
  • Provides robust platform that handles complex calculations and workflows
  • Offers great tutorials and round-the-clock customer support


My name is Gina Wilson and I’m the director of allocations and partnerships with Seeds of Hope of Northern Colorado. Seeds of Hope is an organization that makes the benefits of Catholic education available to anyone who seeks it.

Ensuring Families Get Right Size Tuition

Mainly, I partner with the schools and I work with their families to make sure that the tuition is the right size for a family.


The application that I’m building will be used by the scholarship organization. I’ll be able to see that family’s data, see the disparity from the actual cost to educate that child, which is maybe around $6,500 and perhaps a stated tuition rate of $3,500. And then, I can scholarship $3,000 into that family to help make up the difference.

Meeting Custom App Requirements With Ease

We looked at going with a different vendor to help us with this tuition right-sizing model that we’re moving towards for all our schools and the further we got down the road, we realized that they can’t do the things that we ask them to do.


They don’t want to take the deductions that we want to take for certain things that the families have. If they have an elevated expense for household or if they’re paying tuition to a college or high school, we want to take those things into consideration.


Caspio allowed us to build a model that can do this.


Before, we were using a solution that we couldn’t customize and would frequently break. And now with the Caspio platform, I’m empowered to customize my solutions and to fix them.

Building Applications That Help Students, Parishes

The YouTube tutorials and videos have been amazingly helpful, along with the forums. Problems that I’ve encountered so far, are just a quick search on their website or a quick chat with Caspio Support.


I really see a great future in all our use for Caspio. I can see plenty of opportunities for building applications that not only help our students, our schools and our families, but also help our parishes and our diocese.


Caspio is going to allow me to customize my solutions and my applications to my users’ needs. And that’s incredibly important.

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