Caspio Powers IT Department of National Energy Company

Case Study Synopsis

Customer J-W Power Company
Industry Energy & Utilities / Industrial Goods & Services
Challenge Meet demand for custom apps despite limited in-house IT resources
Why Caspio
  • Enables understaffed IT teams to clear application request backlogs
  • Provides easy-to-use platform for both IT and business developers
  • Reduces internal IT costs by providing a scalable cloud infrastructure


My name is Paul Woolsey. I work for J-W Power Company based out of Dallas, Texas. I manage the development and support of all of our applications, third party and in-house, as well as the database administration.


My company is a manufacturing service provider of natural gas compressors.

Low-Code Platform Augments Short-Staffed IT Team

One of the biggest challenges we were facing when we selected Caspio was that, due to a depressed market of natural gas, we had faced multiple divestitures and reductions in force, particularly with our IT department and staffing for developers.


This presented a challenge in meeting the demand for custom homegrown applications while not having the resources in-house to meet that.

Ease of Use for Both IT and Business Developers

Our experiences with Caspio is that it was ultimately very, very easy to create an application.


You could simply take a spreadsheet that you have today that you’re using to manipulate your data, or even provide simple workflows, and import that spreadsheet directly into the Caspio workbench and manipulate that using a DataPage and create a full-fledged application immediately.


Caspio, for us kind of hit all the sweet spots. Now their intended audience is a business user, but they do have the added capability of if you want to inject code, you can. So, it’s the best of both worlds.

Robust Cloud Platform at Cost-Effective Price Point

On top of that, Caspio has all of the other key features that you’re looking for.


They have a secure and reliable online database. It’s all cloud-managed, so you don’t have to have internal infrastructure to manage. Your infrastructure department is going to love that. It’s all hosted externally.


On top of that, the price point!


At some point, they’re going to wise up and realize that they’re one of the lowest-priced low-code platforms on the market today. And that is just a fact. We know. We’ve seen them all. We’ve been quoted to almost all of them.

Caspio Is Highly Recommended

As far as recommending Caspio to others, peers and colleagues, I could not recommend it enough. Caspio, for us, was a no-brainer.

Build Feature-Rich Database Applications Without Coding

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