Caspio Increases Efficiency for State and Local Government

Customer Tennessee Department of Health
Industry Government
Challenge Reconcile data from multiple sources without spending on additional IT resources
Why Caspio
  • Helps business developers consolidate data in a cost-effective manner
  • Enables organizations to save money and solve numerous issues simultaneously
  • Promotes financial transparency within organizations


My name is Alfredo Ramirez. I am the director of operation analysis, and I work for the Tennessee Department of Health.


My role as a director of operation analysis within the Department of Health is to identify opportunities for improvement within the business side of the department.

A Cost-Effective Way to Reconcile Information

Some of the challenges we were facing before we identified Caspio as a solution was, everyone’s working in various MS Access databases and spreadsheets, and trying to reconcile information and reporting that are coming out differently.


We chose Caspio primarily for pricing. We have over 3,000 employees who will be accessing the system. With a per-person pricing or licensing structure, it was too cost-ineffective.


The first application we developed with Caspio was an invoice tracking system, which was previously done using three or four different spreadsheets managed by three or four different employees. Reconciling the information was very difficult and time-consuming.


Basically, we went from managing three or four employees having to track the invoices receive to only one employee.

Low-Code Saves Us Money, Solves Multiple Problems

One of the projects we built in Caspio, it originally cost the state over 100,000 dollars. With Caspio, it was half the amount.


Caspio was able to solve a multitude of problems.


We have built out several different applications using Caspio, one of them being the inventory control system, a contract tracking and management system, a budget tracking and management system, as well as a space planning and management application.


The amount of taxpayers’ money we saved using Caspio can be measured in terms of employees’ time. For instance, with the contract tracking application, a work that was performed by eight employees is now performed by just two.

Promoting Financial Transparency Through Database Apps

Caspio has benefited the department a great deal, mainly with the way we handle our financial information now. Using Caspio, we’re able to accurately track our budget, our expenditures at the granular level that we need to track it at.

Build Feature-Rich Database Applications Without Coding

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