Caspio Fixes Chaotic Workflows and Communications

Case Study Synopsis

Customer KSI
Industry Industrial / Manufacturing
Challenge Establish a synchronized internal communication and project management system, without hiring additional in-house developers
Why Caspio
  • Empowers business developers to create custom applications on their own
  • Provides business agility through quick app development and deployment
  • Brings significant financial and efficiency gains to businesses


Jason Kaeb: I’m Jason Kaeb. I’m the director of business development.


Neal Kellenberger: I’m Neal Kellenberger. I’m the CFO.


Duane Kaeb: My name is Duane Kaeb, and I’m in IT. And we are KSI.


Jason Kaeb: KSI is a manufacturing company in the agriculture sector. We manufacture conveying, seed handling and seed treating equipment, mostly for soybeans and delivering soybeans to the grower, from a retail location all the way to the grower who is going to plant that seed in the ground.

Solving Internal Communications, Project Management

Up until we found Caspio, we had a lot of departments communicating together with spreadsheets and emails and a lot of phone calls, calling the customer and not necessarily knowing what the other departments were doing.


We just weren’t necessarily providing the greatest experience to our customers because we didn’t always know what each other was doing within our own company.


In 2009, we put a group together to try and solve this problem of internal communication and project management for our customers. Our IT staff is fairly small, and we don’t have in-house developers for one thing. Being able to actually go out and hire in-house developers and be able to do what we want is, first of all, quite expensive and it’s hard to find them.


We ended up stumbling across Caspio.


We’re able to build applications and database design that keeps us from having to email documents around the entire office. And it has really simplified that process.

Rapid Application Development Through Collaboration

Duane Kaeb: One of the things that’s really exciting about the Caspio platform is really the ability to develop very quickly.


One of the things common in development is you get together with the stakeholders. You develop a business plan, you document all your requirements, wireframe up your interfaces, and make sure that all of the data is captured.


What we’ve noticed with Caspio is we really get all the stakeholders together. Typically, Jason builds that application, builds the table backend, and then builds the frontend right there with the users.


We make sure that when we walk out of the room, we actually have a working application that they can go back to their desk and play with.

Significant Financial, Efficiency Gains

Neal Kellenberger: Caspio’s had a pretty significant financial impact on our company. We’ve noticed significant efficiency gains, particularly in our Sales Department.


We’ve completely built out a new order entry system, a new quoting system. We’ve done some research on this and we found that for every day that it takes to get back to a customer with a quote, there is a much higher percentage of us not winning that order.


By building apps within the Caspio platform and integrating our systems, we’ve been able to turn our quoting over much quicker, which has really driven a lot of revenue growth.

Caspio Just Makes It Happen

Jason Kaeb: Caspio has empowered me personally in my day-to-day job in such a way that I am able to look at and see a problem, and immediately go to Caspio and build a solution for that. Rather than having to talk to somebody else, who talks to somebody else, and you come back with a bid for the build, we can just make it happen.


And so, for me personally, and for KSI, the effectiveness of being able to do that is hugely beneficial.

Build Feature-Rich Database Applications Without Coding

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