Caspio Fast-Tracks CRM Systems For Auto Dealerships

Case Study Synopsis

Customer ADSR Technologies
Industry Technology / Transportation
Challenge Provide cloud-based service that supports CRMs and sales report systems of auto dealerships
Why Caspio
  • Enables rapid application development for faster time to market at lower costs
  • Solves cloud environment so business developers can focus on building apps
  • Provides tools for generating forms, managing databases and creating reports


Hi, my name is Hendrik Dreyer, and I’m the co-founder and technical director of ADSR Technologies.

Building a Business Upon Caspio’s Cloud Advantage

About 18 months ago, we recognized an opportunity in the auto dealer industry, whereby we can support a cloud service for auto dealerships in terms of CRMs and sales report systems. We started developing a solution for them, and Caspio has enabled us to actually build a business upon that.


Before finding Caspio, developing in the cloud space was a significant challenge for us in terms of preparing an environment in which we could host our solution.


We went through a couple of iterations in terms of looking at software development houses that could produce a solution for us in the cloud, and we just found that they were too expensive. This led us to search for a capable tool that could make us competitive in the cloud.

Seamless Transition to the Cloud With the Caspio Platform

Caspio came along and provided that infrastructure for us.


When I signed up for the free account with Caspio, I quickly realized that I was already developing a solution in the cloud. I didn’t have to go out and prepare an environment in the cloud to host my solution.


I was very focused, and I was at the point where I can just develop a solution.


With a combination of elements inside the Caspio platform — database tools, form generators, charting and reporting utilities — I found that I could easily get data into the cloud and I can present it in a very professional way. That helped me realize that I can base a professional-looking application on top of that.

Rapid Solution Development for Competitive Edge

The biggest factor which determined the success of producing a cloud solution was the fact that we could develop so quickly.


Once we decided what we wanted to do, development time was significantly shorter than with any other tool that we’ve used before.


Obviously, this has an impact on the development cost, which means I could develop a solution much quicker and much cheaper than my competitor, and that gave me a significant competitive advantage in the market.

Delivering Quality Products Faster at Lower Costs

The best thing about Caspio is that it brings to you a solution space in which you can take on so much. Not just that, it gives you the capability of focusing on quality products that are delivered in a short time, at a specific budget.


To me that is, basically, the cornerstones of building any viable business on.


Others looking to create or take their businesses into the cloud, I would recommend that they look at implementation cost, that they look at time to implement solutions.


They should look at what the Caspio platform can offer in terms of security, authentication, scalability, support, all those aspects — I would encourage them to look at and consider Caspio for it. That would really be the factor for them to decide on.

Build Feature-Rich Database Applications Without Coding

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