Caspio Empowers Educators to Rapidly Build Custom Apps

Customer Summit Education Initiative
Industry Nonprofit / Education
Challenge Consolidate data from different sources quickly
Why Caspio
  • Allows users to develop custom cloud-based applications with ease
  • Empowers non-coders to build online database applications on their own
  • Releases regular updates without extra costs


I’m Cristina Gonzalez Alcala, and I am a research associate for Summit Education Initiative in Akron, Ohio.


I assist our senior research associate to do some of the data analytics and predictive analytics that drive the efforts to improve educational success.

Creating Custom Database Applications Made Easy

The main challenge we faced before finding Caspio was the ability to produce what we call custom-based applications.


We needed to do this because our partners are really busy trying to educate and serve the students. And in the meantime, we can serve as that organization that can provide the additional services of managing the data and making it actionable.


Some of the educational issues we faced were, when we first got involved with Caspio, we were trying to search for a tool that would allow us to build custom cloud-based applications that were very user-friendly.

Enabling Non-Coders to Create Database Apps

When we saw Caspio, we realized that it actually provided us with a platform that was secure and low-cost.


It gave us independence.


We weren’t tied to a coder or a programmer that we had to pay and then just try to track down. We were able to just see the problem, come up with a solution and then implement that solution in a way that was easy.


And our partners, or anybody that was using and interfacing with that application and solution, didn’t even know the work that went through because, really, we are not coders; we’d just play one on TV.

Freedom From Programmers, Obsolete Solutions

The best thing about Caspio is that it lets you be independent from having to find a programmer or a coder.


One of the things that it does for a lot of organizations out there is give them a solution to act fast. We see that, usually, problems evolve and a lot of times, a solution that you made for them becomes obsolete.


With Caspio, we’re able to quickly adjust to the demands of those new problems that surface.

Continuous Updates Without Additional Costs

Along with that, the best thing about it is that it always gets updated, which is better than having to just deal with the same old system.


So, being able to have a tool that updates itself without additional costs every time something changes, I think, is one of the best features that we enjoy from Caspio.

Build Feature-Rich Database Applications Without Coding

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