Caspio Eliminates Redundant Data Entry

Case Study Synopsis

Customer All-America Selections and National Garden Bureau
Industry Nonprofit
Challenge Synchronize the data management of multiple systems, including the website and the local database
Why Caspio
  • Improves efficiency by eliminating redundant data entry tasks
  • Empowers business developers to create custom apps without database knowledge
  • Reduces expenses from hiring in-house IT staff


I’m Gail Pabst and I’m the marketing coordinator for All-America Selection and National Garden Bureau.


All-America Selection is a not-for-profit organization that takes vegetables and ornamental seeds from growers that have never been sold and test them, trial them across the whole North America. We take the data, put it in and the high winners become AAS Winners and then they’re sold to the consumer.

Reducing Inefficient, Redundant Data Entry Tasks

We had MS Access and a database that the IT team maintained. We had to put in all the information twice. We were updating our website and updating our database at the same time.


Our number one goal was to only have to touch the information once.


Caspio has helped grow our business because it’s helped bring in the information that we needed in an easier, clearer, concise way. It has helped us talk with the audience better. And everybody has been enjoying it and loving it because it’s just easier to see.

Lowering Website Maintenance, Recruitment Expenses

The metrics we’ve been able to quantify from the decision to use the Caspio cloud database is that it’s really helped our office. We were a very small office of two people and three part-timers. And this has really saved time from putting in data two or three times in different locations.


Caspio has also cupped with expense because we don’t have to pay another company to do the website. It’s automatically moving onto our website.


The executive board of both organizations think it’s great. It’s a great investment and it’s really improved our communications with them and our members. The audience is loving it. Like I said, the New Varieties is our number one site, the number one page people look at.

Growing Careers, Organizations With Caspio

As a horticulturalist, the Caspio platform has really helped me in my day-to-day business because I did not know anything about databases. And now, I feel that I’ve accomplished a lot. Everyone is coming to me with their information request and I’m able to get those accomplished with Caspio.


And so, I feel that instead of growing a garden, I’m growing an organization.

Build Feature-Rich Database Applications Without Coding

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