Caspio Brings Early Childhood Education to the Cloud

Case Study Synopsis

Customer Raise Learning
Industry Education
Challenge Needed an online database solution to handle Access spreadsheets and other local data
Why Caspio
  • Allows rapid deployment of new idea
  • Provides a database solution that can be managed across multiple locations
  • Offers scalability and flexibility for multiple users


Hi, I’m Natalie Higgins. I’m with Raise Learning. Raise Learning is an early childhood management service that uses Caspio.


Raise Learning created a product called LIFT and it is an early childhood management service. We offer a management solution to early childhood services to share information and data about all the activities in their early childhood service. That could be observations of children, photographs of families, or it could be reporting or quality management.


It’s all about sharing it in a collaborative way so teams can comment and cooperate with each other and know that the information has different layers of security.

Low-Code Approach to Early Childhood Management

Some of the challenges that we had before we started using Caspio was that there wasn’t really anything out there that could provide a solution for our online databases or an online sales spreadsheet, or any type of online solution.


We got involved with Caspio because we wanted to deliver an early childhood solution across Australia. We knew that we had to get into the cloud, we had to get our processes online. But our local Microsoft Access solution just wasn’t going to be able to deliver that.


We were looking for a solution that could solve that and be quite easy to manage across multiple locations.

Caspio Provided Exactly What We Needed

When I joined Caspio there weren’t any other solutions. Caspio was the only one and one of the key reasons why we’ve stayed with Caspio for so long is that it is so scalable.


We’ve got thousands of users now and using Caspio has been quite seamless in their transition. We really like that we can rapidly deploy new ideas. There’s very little time between having a new concept or a new idea and then bringing it into our application.


I really love that Caspio listens to customer feedback. I can call in and I can see where new features are ranked by votes from the community. I also love that the Caspio support team are quickly responding to issues.

Ever-Evolving Online Database Platform

I’m pretty much seeing a new feature, or a new item being added almost on a monthly basis. It’s regularly changing. There’s always new improvements, which is fantastic


It’s exactly in line with my own values of continuous improvement.


Overall, one thing that I’m happy about Caspio – I don’t think there is just one thing. I’m happy with multiple things about Caspio. Would I recommend Caspio? Absolutely!

Build Feature-Rich Database Applications Without Coding

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