Caspio Automates Manual Processes to Drive Efficiency

Case Study Synopsis

Customer Gray Project Solutions
Industry Industrial / Construction
Challenge Automate manual processes to drive efficiency and support a growing business
Why Caspio
  • Automates manual, paper-based processes for efficiency, productivity
  • Enables users to create a reliable online database without coding
  • Provides a more robust alternative to MS Excel and Access


My name is Michael Gray, I am the CEO and owner of Gray Project Solutions here in Seattle.


We specialize in risk and warranty management as well as post-construction customer service for developers and builders.

Trailblazing Solution for the Construction Industry

Really, the reason why we came to be is, I found a need in the construction world as a whole. I looked at some of the pitfalls that were being experienced.


We are able to look at where the builders were coming up short. And so, we went through and we developed a process that more or less helps them manage that without having to dig in the archives, without having to rely on a superintendent to know what they posted on post-it notes two years ago.

Automating Manual Processes for Growing Businesses

Everything we were doing was pretty much manual, a lot of Excel and Access and things like that. To be totally honest, these are fantastic tools, but when your business stars to grow, you really need to find something that’s a little more streamlined.


One of the things that I have told myself in moving into Caspio and even before that while looking at other services is that my customers deserve more. And when I say deserve more, they deserve more efficiency on my part.

Taking 3 Steps Forward With Low-Code

Being an Access and Excel operator type of thing, it limited our availability and oftentimes delayed our timelines and things of that nature. Now that we’ve got the Caspio platform in place it’s, it’s ramped up our productivity, it’s allowed our timelines to shrink.


As a whole, it’s like taking three steps forward.


Not coming from a technical background, not knowing a thing about coding, I can go in there and I can develop something very robust, very professional, and very clean. I have no remorse or regrets about delivering to my customers.


I was looking for a simple answer, to take what I’ve already got and just make it a little bit easier. And, not only have I found that, I’ve been able to find something that takes me into the future as well.

Escaping the ‘Dark Ages’ of Excel, Access

If I didn’t have Caspio or a platform like Caspio, I would still be stuck in The Dark Ages, so to speak, of Excel and Access and handwriting things and pulling even more of my hair out. I can’t begin to express the value.


It’s been great.

Build Feature-Rich Database Applications Without Coding

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