Caspio Accelerates Custom App Development for IT Company

Case Study Synopsis

Customer First Business
Industry Technology / Consulting
Challenge Rapidly implement application updates requested by clients
Why Caspio
  • Provides software firms the agility to address clients’ ever-changing requirements
  • Enables developers to build custom applications quickly and efficiently
  • Provides reliable service without any downtime


I’m George Peacock. I’m one of the directors of First Business.


We’re an application development organization, and we supply these services to our partners who, in turn, supply these services onto their clients.

Producing HR, CRM Apps With a Low-Code Platform

We produce a variety of applications really for our partners. Mostly they’re in the fields of recruitment, staffing and HR. We also do a number of applications in customer relationship management (CRM). And these are the sort of applications that we find Caspio particularly well-suited to.


We first started using the Caspio platform back in 2010, so we’ve been using the product for quite a long time. We do use other platforms and databases as well, but we’re finding Caspio particularly an important part of our product portfolio.

Addressing Clients’ Ever-Evolving Requirements

One of the major challenges that we tend to find is that clients keep changing their requirements.


We needed a service that can implement these changes to the applications quickly, allowing the clients to experiment a little bit with their apps. They often don’t necessarily know what they want, and they must go through a process of trying a few things until they find something that really works for them.


We needed an application where we could basically pilot some work for a client. It had to be something that could be developed quickly. And it was a very simple application, to be fair.

More Than Just a Forms-Based Platform

We started using Caspio for it, and very quickly, so it’s a lot more than just a forms-based application. You really can do some quite extensive work. We do use some other tools, but Caspio is way ahead in terms of being able to make the changes. We use it extensively for that sort of requirement.


The Caspio platform is very reliable.


We never have downtime really. And when there are requirements that come from customers, it’s all just about, “Well, can we do this? Can we do that?” The platform has shown itself to be really resilient in terms of being able to add things.


We’ve probably been quite innovative as well.


We’ve been able to add lots of non-Caspio items within a Caspio application — using things like extra forms, files, and so forth, to create a very rich customer experience.

Caspio Is ‘Powerful, Very Hard to Beat’

We think Caspio is a very powerful platform. And in the right application area, it is very hard to beat.


It really is, in terms of the ability to set things up very quickly, the ability to be able to scale it up and make changes. There’s very little need to touch in the product. And we have used lots of products in the market and lots of different technologies, so we’ve got quite a broad experience.


Yes, no hesitation of recommending Caspio.

Build Feature-Rich Database Applications Without Coding

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