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Caspio Bridge Discounted Pricing

Non-profits and NGOs, recognized educational organizations, students, and companies in developing countries are eligible for a 20% discount on Caspio Bridge plans when they meet one of the following requirements.

Organization Type Qualification or Restriction
Non-profits and NGOs Discount granted only if publishing to the organization's official websites. A government issued tax-exempt status certificate is required.
Educational entities and students Discount granted only if organization is public-funded and apps are published to the organization's official websites.

Emerging economies

Discount granted to organizations with both a physical and billing address in a qualifying developing country from the list below.*

*Excludes organizations with offices in multiple countries.

Note: Discounts from promotions or other payment policies cannot be combined. 

Request for Discounted Pricing:

To apply, fill out the request form below with complete information, as your responses will determine eligibility.

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