Publish Your Used Car Listing App

Looking for a way to sell used cars on your own custom website? Easily operate a self-managed system and provide your clients with an intuitive user interface with Caspio’s FREE car listing app!


Manage your catalog of used vehicles in a centralized online database. This ready-made template features two separate interfaces for public and administrative users. Requires only 3 DataPages.

Live App Preview

Standard Features

  • The public can search for vehicles using specific filtering criteria.
  • Administrators can easily add new vehicles and update existing listings.
  • Store any number of “unpublished” vehicles in the database and publish them online with a click of a checkbox.
  • Includes a secure and reliable online database that supports unlimited users and thousands of vehicle listings.
  • Seamlessly embed the used car listing interfaces on any website or intranet.

Ideas for Enhancement

  • Customize or add new fields to display additional product details or seller contact information
  • Add Caspio’s Google Map Mashup to display an interactive map on the vehicle details page.
  • Add Caspio’s Distance Search feature to allow users to filter and sort results based on proximity.
  • All user searches can be logged for business intelligence purposes.

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