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Applicant Tracking
System Template

Build Your Job Applicant Tracking System

Need a simple yet powerful solution to quickly fill open positions in your company and track each applicant? Automate recruiting tasks and make the most out of limited resources with Caspio’s FREE job applicant tracking system!


Streamline your hiring process in a centralized online database. This ready-made template is entirely self-managed with interfaces for HR managers and recruiters. Requires only 3 DataPages.

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Standard Features

  • Includes a centralized online database that ensures data consistency and integrity.
  • Supports unlimited applicants and thousands of job positions.
  • Supports unlimited HR managers and recruiters, each with their own login.
  • HR staff can search the applicant database and track each applicant based on ratings and status.
  • Applicant tracking system can be deployed on any website or intranet.
  • For additional capabilities, request Caspio’s Recruiting Management application template.

Ideas for Enhancement

  • Modify fields of job positions to include job descriptions, requirements, and qualifications.
  • Add additional recruiting workflows such as interview scheduling, interview feedback collection, and automatic email alerts after each step in the process.

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