Simple Order Management
Software Template

Automate Your Online Order Management Process

Need a simple solution to organize thousands of orders from your website or intranet? Empower your staff to easily search for available product items, place orders and view order status with Caspio’s FREE order management app!


Automate your online order management process in a central online database. This ready-made template is entirely self-managed with two interfaces for managers and staff. Requires only 5 DataPages.

Live App Preview

Standard Features

  • Supports unlimited managers and staff, each with their own login.
  • Supports thousands of product items and orders.
  • Add new product items and update existing items easily.
  • Email alerts automatically notify staff whenever an order status is changed.
  • Store any number of product items in the database and publish them online with a click of a checkbox.

Ideas for Enhancement

  • Customize fields and dropdown values, or add new fields such as images and files.
  • Add a public-facing order form, including a review option for the user to confirm their order information before submitting.
  • Integrate total calculations, shipping, tax, and tracking numbers into the order management process.
  • Shopping cart and payment processing modules are available through Caspio Professional Services.

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