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Onsite Training

The Fastest Way to Learn Caspio

Caspio now offers a 2-day instructor-led training program near our office in Silicon Valley. This immersive, hands-on classroom training program covers all the fundamentals of how to create applications in Caspio enabling you to turn your ideas into web apps quickly. If you want to jumpstart your application building journey, this training is a perfect fit.

Why Onsite Training?

Insightful Lectures and Demonstrations

Discover the power and capabilities of the Caspio platform.

Individual and Group Exercises

Boost your skills and gain significant knowledge to create robust apps from scratch.

A Collaborative Environment

Join forces and garner support from other participants through discussions and dialogs.

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Corporate Plans and Above Other Plans Training Schedule
1 Free Attendee per Year
$900 per Additional Attendee
$900 per Additional Attendee
March 27 – 28
April 24 - 25
Corporate Plans and Above
1 Free Attendee per Year
$900 per Additional Attendee
Other Plans
$900 per Additional Attendee
Training Schedule
March 27 – 28
April 24 - 25

Onsite Training Agenda

Introduction to Caspio Bridge

  • Caspio Bridge Tour and Overview
  • How to Import Data, Create Web Forms, and Reports
  • Demo: Application Deployment

Best Practices in Application Design and Planning

  • The Golden Rules of Application Building
  • The Secret to a Successful First Training App Design Plan

Tables and Database Relationships 101

  • A Walk-through on Common Database Concepts
  • Database Application Workshop

How to Move Data into Caspio Tables

  • Navigating the Paths to Moving Data: Data Importation, Scheduled Tasks, API, and more
  • Best Practices on Importing Data Demo

Restricting Access to Data and Defining User Permissions

  • Defining and Implementing User Roles and Permissions
  • How to Create Authentication in Caspio DataPages
  • A Showcase of Caspio’s Record Level Security

How to Configure Caspio Web Forms

  • A Selection of Available Web Forms
  • Live Build and Implementation of the Various Forms
  • Common DataPage Form Elements and Options
  • Implementation of Conditional Form Rules and Automatic Emails

How to Create Reports and Visualize Data

  • A Guide to Report DataPages
  • Implementing Different Logic and Criteria Options to Filter Reports
  • Live Demo: Calculations, Aggregations and Charting Options for Data

How to Connect DataPages and Data Using Parameters

  • What are Parameters?
  • How to Pass and Receive Parameters in DataPages
  • Implementation of Parameters and Multi-DataPage Deployment

Configuring the Look and Feel of DataPages

  • Styles and Localization Interface Tour
  • Review of Common Customizations
  • How to implement Caspio Responsive Coding for mobile-friendly DataPages

Taking Applications to the Next Level

  • A Sneak Peek into the Advanced Features:
  • Lessons include:
  • Conditional formula fields
  • SQL Select Statements in Calculated Fields
  • Table-based Triggered Actions


“It very helpful for me to get my feet wet with the system so that I can add and improve features expeditiously and expediently!”
Shawn Hutchinson, Executive
People Tree Human and Ministerial Services
“Do not worry about DataPages until you have stamped out the table structure. Understanding how to better normalize data through a series of smaller questions helped a lot.”
Lucas Marti, IT Manager
Energy Services, Inc.
“Excellent class and some great aha moments. I appreciate that Caspio offered me this learning opportunity. The class has not only helped me with my current application but also gave me ideas for other future application implementations.”
Carl Borey, President
“This training was great. There were a lot of topics covered in a short amount of time. It was nice to be able to visualize the concepts and put them into action– bounce ideas off the subject expert and see if what we were looking to implement would work.”
Scott McDonald, CPM, Program Coordinator
Wyoming Dept. of Agriculture
“I came into this feeling a little overwhelmed wondering if I bit off more than I could chew. This training confirmed that I can do what I need to do. The hands-on/building applications where we could ask questions and get feedback immediately – that was super helpful!”
Kelsey Hart, Licensing Specialist
Wyoming Dept. of Agriculture
“It was very helpful at bringing me up to speed with much of the basic functions e.g. submission forms. We've built apps and asked for support on an as-needed basis, but understanding the foundational principles of data structure and management, and the different forms/DataPages clued me into revising some of our projects.”
Yeanna Lam, Research Analyst
University of California Education Abroad Program
“I loved the variety of skills I was taught. The training opened my eyes to many ways my organization could use Caspio for things outside of what we initially have planned for.”
Brianna Schumann, Project Coordinator
International Association of Industrial Accident Boards and Commissions