Video Synopsis



  • Ned Pajic, Technical Evangelist, Caspio



Application Overview 

Ned Pajic:

Hi. Welcome to this five-part video guide on how to build an IT help desk application with Caspio’s low-code development platform. My name is Ned, and in part one of this video guide, I will give you a quick overview of the app so that you know exactly what we plan on developing. When logged in as a user, we’ll be able to submit new tickets and assign it to specific IT employees. As a user, we’ll be able to see the list of all the tickets and check the status of the ticket along with the resolution comments by going to details. But logged in as the IT user, we’ll be able to review all the tickets that were assigned to us and close the tickets once the issues are resolved. When logged in as the admin will be able to see a 360 view of all the submitted tickets, who they’re assigned to and override any of the prior changes. We’ll also be able to review detailed metrics using a variety of different charts, manage users and their account info, and be able to add new users to the application. Thanks for watching part one of the video guide. If you have a need for a help desk type application or would like to just learn how to leverage the Caspio platform for different type of application needs. And I hope you join me in this video guide where we learn how to build everything from start to finish. I’ll see you in class.



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