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Syndicate Your Data

Data Distribution with Caspio is Easy

Data syndication, the act of publishing the same database on many websites, is generally used for one or more of the following reasons:

  • Monetizing data assets
  • Generating traffic to your website
  • Creating brand awareness
  • Maximizing accessibility of your data

With Caspio, your syndicated data can appear on any website, blog, portal, or CMS in an attractive, easy-to-use web interface. All syndications use the same database, making data updates across multiple websites easy and efficient.

All your partners’ need to do to embed your data on their website is to copy-and-paste a small segment of code that Caspio provides. Our customers have syndicated a multitude of databases, including real estate foreclosure databases, U.S. Census databases, business directories, and credit card and CD rates tables.

Some of our customers have syndicated a part of their database in order to monetize the more complete version on their own website. Using Caspio, your syndicated database can contain not only text and numbers, but also images and files. You can include ad-hoc searches, data drilldowns, and even syndicated submission forms.

Getting Started

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