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Real Estate Listings

This is a powerful Real Estate Listings application that includes an integrated lead management solution. It is designed for real estate offices with multiple agents. Agents are able to manage their own listings and leads.

Standard Features

  • Each listing can be made visible or hidden on the public facing interface.
  • An easy to use property search application is provided for embedding on your website.
  • Google Maps are used to display buyers’ search results on a map.
  • Utilizes Distance Search to filter and sort results based on distance.
  • An integrated lead management system allows potential buyers to submit their information to be contacted by you.
  • Agents are notified by email when a new leads are captured.
  • The agent application includes a versatile contact management system for processing leads.
  • An administrative/broker interface provides global access to the entire database.
  • Unlimited properties and agents are supported.
  • Agents can setup their own public profile that is automatically accessible from each of their listings.

Ideas for Enhancement

  • Can be modified for commercial properties.
  • May also be changed to list rental properties.
  • Add more pictures per property.
  • Enhance for mobile devices and automatic proximity search.
  • Lead capture form can be integrated with your CRM.