NO CODE 2018: Caspio for Rapid App Deployment

How are you guys doing? My name is Tim Briggs, like the signs says, Executive Director of Continuous Improvement.


I’ve spent my whole career trying to solve problems for various companies. Fortune 500 companies, I was a sales rep for PBG industries. I got really good at spreadsheets. You know, with a pivot table, a macro, and a VLOOKUP, you can do magic.


But, you get to a point where you can only do so much. And when your people are asking you to solve these problems that are bigger than you know how to solve, you have to ask for help. And that’s what we’ve done.

Amazing Support From Caspio

So, this is my company. Same challenges I’m sure you guys have had. We have all this data everywhere that’s scattered out. When I came to this company, I’m like, “Hey, well, give me a list of your locations.”


Well, you talk to five people, you got five different lists, right? So, we had to figure that out.


And, these guys have been phenomenal at going, “Hey, I understand what you’re trying to accomplish, and we can help you.” And they have.


Savitha is just amazing. We call her, I talk to her 24 hours a day. I guess I created a whole department. Maybe? I don’t know.


But we’re looking forward to great, great things with Caspio going forward. You guys have just been amazing.

Building Database Applications With Low-Code

We started with one project. We launched our first app within a month, and promptly IT took it away from us and put it into something else.


But it was good because we modeled it, right? We figured it out.


Then we went, and we built our application called “The Network.” Nick reviewed it yesterday. And The Network has helped our people gather the information together and understand and be able to have it right at their fingertips, which has been a big thing.

Understanding and Solving Your Complex Challenges

The trust and understanding, I’ll tell you. So, you guys can probably tell by listening to me talk right now that it’s hard to talk to me for eight hours a day. And this guy in the back, my whole development team sitting right there, he does it, which I love him for it. But, my point of contact, if you sit and you tell her, “Hey, these are the problems,” and I explain the most complex thing, I couldn’t even wrap around head my around how big the problem was.


And the next day, I get an email back saying, “This was your problem, and this is what you said, and this is the solution,” I went, “Wow.”


Right? You have to have that.


So, you know, I guess what I’m trying to say is that you don’t have to be the smartest guy in the room. You just got to have these guys, right?


So, thank you for what you do. That’s really all I’ve got.

Build Feature-Rich Database Applications Without Coding

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