Halifax Media Group Selects Caspio for Rapid Database Publishing and Community Engagement Applications

Halifax rolls out Caspio’s cloud database publishing platform to its 33 news outlets for hyper-local app creation.

SANTA CLARA, California, December 4, 2012 —  Caspio, Inc. (caspio.com), the leader in cloud database and platform-as-a-service technology, today announced that Halifax Media Group has selected Caspio as its standard platform for building cloud databases and applications for all of its newspaper and media holdings. Halifax Media Group’s holdings represent 33 newspapers and affiliated web sites in five states in the southeastern United States.

Halifax utilizes Caspio’s point-and-click cloud platform to create interactive online database applications that promote community awareness and citizen collaboration. Journalists have already deployed several hyper-local applications built with Caspio, including crime databases, interactive maps, and photo galleries.

“We recognize the growing importance of having access to accurate and dependable databases,” said Michael Redding, CEO of Halifax Media Group. “Our newspapers, in particular our newsrooms, will be able to extend the impact of their stories by publishing maps and databases that enhance the experience for our readers.”

Halifax chose Caspio due to the simple yet powerful app-building tools, as well as the unlimited capabilities of the platform. Only Caspio offers news organizations like Halifax the flexibility to create unlimited online applications, databases, and user access for one low monthly cost.

“We are thrilled to see Halifax standardize on Caspio for its entire media portfolio,” said Frank Zamani, founder and CEO of Caspio. “The ability for Halifax to quickly publish relevant hyper-local community apps across all its properties from a centralized, secure and affordable platform is a testament to the value of Caspio, and the promise of cloud computing. We look forward to seeing what types of innovative apps they create.”

A pioneer in Platform-as-a-Service since 2000, Caspio offers an all-in-one solution for rapid database publishing and powerful multi-user web applications. In addition to its extensive customer list of Fortune-500 companies, government agencies, universities, and small to medium sized businesses, Caspio works with hundreds of media companies and powers applications for over 80% of the nation’s top 100 newspaper websites.

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About Halifax Media Group

Founded in 2010, Halifax Media is headquartered in Daytona Beach, Fla. The company’s investment group includes Stephens Capital Partners, JAARSSS Media, and Redding Investments. The group consists of 33 newspapers and affiliated websites, published in five states in the Southeast. Halifax Media’s strategy is to invest long-term capital in quality companies positioned in strong markets that are closely connected to the community.

About Caspio

As a leader in cloud database and platform-as-a-service technology, Caspio (caspio.com) helps tech-savvy business users shrink development time of web and mobile apps, forms, reports and widgets from weeks to hours, and from thousands of dollars to a small monthly fee. Caspio’s intuitive database and point-and-click platform require no coding skills and is used in over 500,000 apps for government agencies, America’s largest newspaper websites, Fortune-500 companies and thousands of businesses around the world. A free 14-day trial is available at caspio.com.

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