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Migrate MS Access Databases Online Without Coding

Access and a New Dilemma: Custom Cloud Applications

Long before running applications on the cloud was a requirement, Microsoft Access was the leading database software for small-scale business applications.

However, as the cloud became mainstream, Access did not advance with it. Despite the demand for web and mobile applications, Microsoft Access got too tied up with SharePoint and did not perform well in multi-user or large-scale scenarios. Access users and developers, who must migrate their solutions to the cloud, face slow, expensive and complex alternatives.

The Caspio Platform

Caspio is a powerful replacement for Microsoft Access databases and applications. It is a feature-rich, all-in-one solution for creating custom business application for internal or public-facing use. Our platform uses step-by-step wizards instead of coding, resulting in ultra-fast development. Caspio has been dubbed the “Microsoft Access of the web” because of its similar data management model and application-building features.

Advantages of Migrating Access to Caspio

Watch the presentation below to see what Caspio can do for you.

Key Features for MS Access Users

In addition to using a similar data management and application-building model, Caspio offers many unique capabilities for Microsoft Access developers:

  • Built-in import and export functions that can read and write data files in Microsoft Access format.
  • A highly scalable cloud database that supports up to two million records, and with optimization, up to 4 million records in each table, and thousands of simultaneous users.
  • A Microsoft Office Plugin, which makes your online data accessible in Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Access.
  • Both SOAP and REST API to extend the capabilities of your apps using the language of your choice.
  • A backend database built on Microsoft SQL Server.
  • Enterprise-class security and compliance, including HIPAA edition, which meets some of the most stringent industry requirements and regulations.
  • Cost-effective pricing, including unlimited application users for all plans.