Low-Code Platforms: Make the Jump to Light Speed With Caspio

The Millennium Falcon is one of the fastest ships in the Star Wars universe. It makes the Kessel Run in less than 12 parsecs. This “hunk of junk” has outmaneuvered a fleet of TIE fighters through an asteroid field and, while most ships in Star Wars — from Imperial Star Destroyers to X-Wing fighters — are capable of faster-than-light travel, only the Millennium Falcon has the benefit of specialized care from Han Solo and his trusted copilot Chewbacca.

Like Han Solo, business professionals are the starship pilots of their organizations. They continuously look for the best and fastest vehicle to propel their companies toward success.

In this hyperfast and customer-obsessed digital era, business professionals need to have their own Millennium Falcon capable of defeating their competitors.

Finding the Fastest Ship in the Fleet

Low-code development platforms are the starships of today’s digital landscape. These platforms are application development environments that replace the tedious engines of traditional hand-coding with the hyperdrives that are visual point-and-click tools. These tools give business professionals the power to quickly build flexible and rapidly deployable cross-platform applications.

However, if low-code platforms are capable of faster-than-light travel, how then do businesses discern between the average transport shuttle and the blazing Millennium Falcon? Choosing the right low-code application development platform is crucial.

Take United Kingdom-based logistics company GEFCO, for example. It undertook a new project that proved to be more demanding than anything that it handled before. GEFCO needed a fast and efficient solution that would allow the company to process large-scale logistics data for major European automobile manufacturers.

On the other side of the world, the Center for Plant Conservation (CPC) at San Diego Zoo Global was racing against time to find an efficient and secure platform to keep a record of all the rare plants and pollinators in America and hopefully save endangered plants from extinction.

What organizations like GEFCO and CPC share is a need to meet the demands of their respective organizations with limited time and minimal budget. Both GEFCO and CPC looked for a platform that would allow people closest to the problem to solve it themselves.

Activate Hyperdrive with Caspio

The need to find a platform for building custom applications with ease brought GEFCO and CPC to the Caspio low-code platform. Caspio offers an agile application development environment for those who want to build custom online databases and applications, streamlining tedious business processes and reducing their organization’s dependence on backlogged IT resources.

At CPC, scientist Dr. Katie Heineman had to work with a tight budget to enable a team of volunteers with limited training to input data from multiple locations using different computers. She struggled with other solutions that didn’t seem to fit what she needed. However, Dr. Heineman found exactly what she needs with Caspio, and was immediately impressed by the way the Caspio low-code platform empowers users with little to no web development experience to quickly create custom online applications at a fraction of the time and cost.

Meanwhile, GEFCO’s IT Solutions Manager Simon Verdon spent a lot of effort looking for a viable third-party low-code solution. GEFCO encountered several issues with other solution providers, including limited capabilities and scale, complex implementation, maintenance problems, inadequate support and unreasonable visible or hidden costs.

Eventually, Verdon found Caspio and used it to build applications that could perform several processes automatically and repeatedly while meeting the company’s strict requirements. These processes include the collection of orders from the head office in Paris, matching of haulers from the approved suppliers to the collection and delivery requests, and more. Soon enough, GEFCO’s processes became more efficient through automation. Caspio became GEFCO’s official low-code partner and rapidly accelerated their time-to-market and speed-to-revenue.

Caspio: The Original Low-Code Development Platform

The Caspio low-code platform was first released in 2001 and now powers over 1,000,000 applications across 100 countries. Caspio helps businesses create enterprise-grade applications and deploy them on a large scale.

The platform gives business professionals the power to take an active role in quickly building and deploying solutions while freeing IT departments to focus on more complex development work and projects with higher value, as shown by the examples of GEFCO and CPC.Independent analyst firm Forrester reported that business developers like Verdon and Dr. Heineman primarily focus on creating reporting and administration applications. Almost half of the respondents in their study use low-code platforms to develop reporting and analysis-intensive applications.

5 Most Popular Business Developer Use Cases for Building Custom Applications

Source: Forrester

Caspio fulfills custom application development needs for business developers with its all-in-one platform. The Caspio low-code platform is packed with features that business professionals need to create enterprise-grade cloud applications up to 10 times faster than traditional application development methods. With little to no coding involved, Caspio helps users achieve the following:

  • User interface and user experience design and creation
  • Data analysis, reporting and visualizations
  • Logic, criteria and filtering
  • User roles and authentication
  • Advanced data import and export rules
  • Integration with other apps and systems

Built for Business Users

Visual Application Builder

With Caspio, you need not worry about having limited coding skills. Caspio does away with traditional programming and replaces it with a visual application builder. Point-and-click tools allow you to create forms and solutions that would otherwise stay in the IT department’s back burner. It lets you, the person closest to the problem, solve it on your own.

Easy to Start and Grow

Empower your entire organization to build mission-critical solutions for your business needs. Start exploring the possibilities by building your application with a free trial. Then deepen your experience by moving to plans that start at only $59.

Whatever plan you sign up for, Caspio allows you to have as many users as you need and want. In the case of CPC, Caspio allowed hundreds of volunteers to contribute information to the pollinator database “A platform like Caspio can facilitate data sharing. We can do a lot more as a group than we can do individually,” said Dr. Heineman.

Access to Extensive Support and Training Resources

Caspio is a reliable partner in every step of the application development process. Dr. Heineman shared: “The Caspio team has been unparalleled with their exemplary technical knowledge, responsiveness and politeness.” From step-by-step instructions and videos covering all aspects of application development, to live training and support sessions, Caspio won’t let you get stuck.

Endorsed by IT

Easy to Deploy, Integrate and Extend

Caspio-powered applications work wherever and however you deploy them — on any website, CMS, portal or even directly from Caspio. The application seamlessly becomes a part of any page, making your website look more professional while maintaining your brand integrity. Caspio also supports easy integration with other online services through Zapier. Otherwise, use any programming or scripting language of your choice to interact with your Caspio databases using REST and SOAP API interfaces.

Secure, Reliable and Scalable

Security measures are woven into Caspio’s DNA — from infrastructure investment, platform architecture, tools, internal policies, to employee training. Caspio provides options to customize your application’s security protocols depending on your needs, including rules for password strength, expiration, user lockout and much more.

As an example, Caspio’s roles and authentication capabilities, as well as its record-level security features, ensure that GEFCO’s processes always remain secure. “Each of the collection sites around the UK can log on to the application and view only the data relating to their site, while the UK Planning and Corporate teams in Paris can view data for all sites in real-time,” shared Verdon.

Adheres to Corporate and Industry Compliance

Caspio is built around open standards, high-quality technologies and guidelines that meet some of the most stringent industry compliance standards. These include Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) for healthcare applications and Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliance to process credit cards.

Caspio: A Leader in Low-Code Platforms

Analyst firms attest to why Caspio is among the top technology platforms to address today’s digital business challenges.

For the second straight year, Forrester has ranked Caspio a ‘Leader’ in low-code platforms. In the latest report, The Forrester Wave™: Low-Code Platforms for Business Developers, Q2 2019, Forrester evaluated the 12 most important vendors available on the market and detailed how organizations can fulfill their rising demand for automation using low-code development platforms.Based on the in-depth evaluation, Caspio emerged strongest in the “Current Offering” category. It also gained the highest

score in 16 distinct criteria, including Startup Experience, User Interface Development, Database Development and Features, Application Deployment Options, and Security Audits and Certifications.

The analyst firm concluded, “over an 18-year period, Caspio has quietly built a product that provides both deep functionality for enterprise apps and an easy start for business professionals.” Caspio customers also “laud the product overall, as well as its value for money and database features.”

The Force is Strong With Caspio

GEFCO and CPC are just two examples among thousands of satisfied Caspio customers that confirm the immediate benefits that Caspio brings to their organizations.  To further attest how impressive Caspio is, David Emerson, the founder of SiteRocket Labs, came up with a head-to-head comparison of Caspio versus traditional hand-coding. SiteRocket Labs plans, designs and rapidly develops high-quality web applications.

In Star Wars, Han Solo needed to get past an Imperial blockade to bring Luke Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi to Alderaan. In a comparable way, tech-savvy business professionals need to break through the challenges of keeping up with rapidly evolving digital ecosystems. One way — and probably the best way — to keep up is through Caspio’s low-code platform, just like what GEFCO and CPC did. Since Caspio enables you to build custom business applications yourself, your business’s IT department is now free to focus on high-level projects instead.

By using Caspio, CPC saved thousands of dollars in development costs and was even able to deploy additional applications for another project.
Meanwhile, from their first project, GEFCO saves about £100,000 ($130,000 USD) annually because of the automation achieved by their Caspio-powered applications.

Remember that thrill when you first saw the Millennium Falcon taking off from Mos Eisley Spaceport and breaking through the Imperial blockade of Tatooine?

Like the Millennium Falcon, Caspio helps your organization cut costs, break through challenges and soar at speed of light.  Find out for yourself and speak with one of our low-code platform experts or sign up for a free trial.