Welcome to our ultimate video guide on turning spreadsheets into apps. This video series will cover everything you need to learn to create web applications using your Excel files, from importing the file online to deploying dynamic forms and reports to your website.

Part 1 will give you an overview of the Excel web app we will build to deployment by the end of the series.


Although recognized as an excellent business software, Excel has certain limitations that make it a dangerous tool for data management, especially for organizations that handle a lot of data. That’s why many business managers are searching for ways to build custom web applications using their existing spreadsheets. Does this sound like you? Then you’re in the right place.

In this step-by-step video series, you will learn how to quickly and easily turn an Excel workbook that contains five different spreadsheets into a custom web application.

The final app you’ll be building will consist of:

  • User-level logins with different permissions
  • Searchable interfaces that allow viewing and editing of data on the fly
  • Entry forms to input new data
  • Charts to measure different data patterns and metrics
  • Much, much MORE!
How to Convert Excel to a Web App | Part 1: Application OverviewDYNAMIC CHARTS AND REPORTS: Manage your sales representatives online by building a custom DataPage with Caspio.

If you’re wondering if this sample project will take too long, or if you need to be a tech wizard first before developing Excel-based applications — the answer is No. You will learn to create this application without writing a single line of code, using Caspio’s point-and-click methodology.

Caspio is a ranked a Leader in low-code development platforms by Forrester. And in the following videos, you’re going to see why many businesses and users rely on Caspio to streamline their business operations, reduce costs and improve overall efficiency.

See You in Class!

Join us in the next video where we’ll show you how to import a simple Excel file to the Caspio platform. It will be the foundation of your data relationships and user-level logins, enabling you to ultimately move data management from Excel to web applications.

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