HIPAA-Compliant Database Applications

The Caspio HIPAA-Compliant Edition brings the power of Caspio to the healthcare industry. With Caspio’s HIPAA Edition, your custom applications are immediately HIPAA compliant, and will always meet the high standards of security and privacy mandated by the government. Caspio’s HIPAA Edition meets the HIPAA requirements for storage and use of protected health information (PHI) and personally identifiable information (PII).

Key Highlights:

  • Business Associate Agreement (BAA): Caspio maintains BAAs with its vendors and offers BAAs to its HIPAA-Compliant Edition customers.
  • Complete Data Encryption: All of your data is encrypted while in the database and during transit.
  • Audit Logs: All data usage (read, write, and edits) is logged in a separate infrastructure and is archived according to HIPAA requirements.
  • Dedicated Infrastructure: All HIPAA customer accounts reside on a separate, high security infrastructure that is dedicated to compliance applications.
  • Dedicated Support: Technical support for issues involving protected information is provided by specially trained personnel.
  • Automatic Updates: Regular software upgrades ensure that your applications run on the best technologies available.

HIPAA Applications Customized to Your Organization

Caspio provides the perfect platform to create any type of custom database application. The vision, creativity, and ingenuity of your team will determine how you use Caspio to address the day-to-day challenges of your business, or to seize new business opportunities.

Healthcare Application Examples:

  • EMR/EHR/PHR systems
  • Patient registration and check-in
  • Training/certification program
  • Medical device tracking
  • Knowledgebase system
  • Health insurance exchange
  • Laboratory management
  • Clinical trial program
  • Resource scheduling
  • Alternative health and services

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