Getting Started With Caspio - Create an App Container | Caspio

Learn how to build a simple contact management app with our getting started video guide. Each video in the series introduces a new topic, so for the best learning experience, be sure to watch them all in order.



Hi, in the following videos, you’re going to learn how to build a very simple contact management system. This video guide was designed to get you familiar with the Caspio platform so that you can use that knowledge when creating your own applications. To begin building your application you’ll first need to set up a new app container.

Then you’ll be able to choose between importing data from Excel or Access Database, or starting from a blank template. After giving your application a name, you’ll be able to see it listed on the home screen. From here, you’ll want to open the application and locate the essential building blocks listed in the panel to the left.

Join me in the next video to learn how to build your very first database table.