Create and Modify a Web Form

Learn how to build a simple contact management app with our getting started video guide. Each video in the series introduces a new topic, so for the best learning experience, be sure to watch them all in order.


Welcome to part three of this video guide on how to create a web form. Now that you have your table created, which contains all of the fields and data types, let’s see how easy it is to create a web form. You’ll click on the new datapage link to launch Caspio’s point-and-click application builder. Datapages are application interfaces that embed seamlessly into any website, internet, or blog. You can create forms, reports, calendars, charts, and even HTML datapages if you’re slightly more technical.

I’ll select submission form and continue. I’ll choose my contacts table that we just create as the data source table because that’s where I want the data to be submitted. Here you can also select a specific style to change the aesthetics of your application, and you can choose a specific localization to apply different regional settings.

On the next screen, let’s select all of our fields to be included in the web form. Once you reach the property screen, you’ll be able to configure each field by selecting on the left-hand side and using the form element dropdown on the right side. For example, if I want to turn the contact method into a radio button, I will select that option from the dropdown menu. Next, I’ll add some custom values that we want as radio button options. Let’s add phone email, and maybe no preference. Let’s also change the comments field to a text area so that we can see a box and the information that we’re typing. To see what the form looks like at this point, you can click on the preview button at any time. You can go back to Caspio to continue modifying the rest of your fields, but if you’re happy with the form, you can click on Finish to save your changes.

You have officially within just a few minutes, created your very first form.

In the final video of this series, I’ll show you how to deploy the form to a website, but for now, let’s continue adding other objects for our application. Join me in the next video, where I show you how to create a searchable report. I’ll see you there.

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