Case Study Synopsis

Customer Talguu
Industry Technology / News & Media
Challenge Build a scalable web application fast and with minimal investment
Why Caspio
  • Enables startups to build web applications with minimal investment
  • Reduces application development time for quick deployment
  • Allows business developers to create scalable web apps without coding


My name’s David Talbot and I’m the chief technology officer for our company, Talguu. We’re based in Silicon Valley and we’re a multi-channel video startup.

When Traditional Development Isn’t an Option

Here at Talguu, we have a very high-energy CEO and I have to provide the infrastructure in IT to satisfy his and our ideas.

We represent both television stations and some individual content providers. Our objective is to allow pay-per-play streaming on a variety of video channels.

We didn’t want to waste a lot of time writing a traditional application. We weren’t quite sure what channels would be attractive and we were worried about scalability. We searched around, and we decided on Caspio for those reasons.

Completing a 2-Year Project in 5 Months

Our launch client needed to run some of the applications on a set-top box—a little device they connect to the top of people’s televisions. We managed to take the DataPages from the Caspio platform and run them on three million set top boxes.

I’ve been in traditional data processing for many years, and this would have been a two-year, $1 million – $2 million project. I wrote 95% of the project and I used a couple of freelancers for some small parts. We completed the application in five months.

I’m not beholden to any person who has some intricate piece of code that I don’t understand. I have the whole code, the whole application, and I understand it. I’ve structured it well enough so that other people in the group could take over if I decide to go on vacation.

Pricing, Scalability and Dev Environment in 1 Platform

Why did we choose Caspio?

A lot of it was the pricing and scalability. As we started using the platform, lots of things that you wouldn’t think of—date formatting, forgot password, password strength and all those little minor things that take a long time to write—were all in there.

Plus, Caspio has the development environment already set up so we didn’t need programmer authentication. It’s all in Caspio.

At the moment, I can get new features almost at my typing speed. But you know, I’m an older person so I don’t type very fast but it’s pretty good.

Build Feature-Rich Web Applications Without Coding

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